Morgentoken – fake tokens of rapper Morgenstern appeared on the Internet

An advertisement appeared on the Internet, in which the sale of tokens was promised, allegedly on behalf of the famous rapper Morgenstern. For example, one of the sites morgentoken.com claims that Morgenstern, as well as Slava Marlowe and Vitaly Butyrin (obviously a reference to the famous Ethereum developer and creator Vitalik Buterin) are representatives of the Morgentoken token.

Advertising of tokens began to appear on the network, allegedly on behalf of Morgenstern.

The artist himself has nothing to do with tokens.

There are obvious signs of fraud: the creators of tokens intend to attract money from gullible investors and go into hiding.

At the same time, it is written that Morgentoken is not the official token of Alisher Morgenstern. But he can become «an excellent tool for earning money due to the big hype around the artist.»

The site promises that only token holders will be able to access limited merchandise, as well as a personal meeting with the artist.

Several similar sites have recently appeared: morgentoken.com, morgencoin.com, morgenshterncoin.com and others. They do not use encryption, and the information provided does not match reality.

Kommersant draws attention to the fact that this is clearly a fraudulent scheme to attract money. It was being prepared since June, and a month ago scammers started registering and promoting domains. Co-founder of the StopPhish project Yuri Drugach noted that attackers will collect money and hide with it, or steal funds from crypto wallets using phishing.

«If there is a lot of interest in the project, scammers can use the Pump Dump scheme, that is, raise the price to high values, and then run away with investors’ money,» said Aaron Chomsky, head of the investment department of ICB Fund.

Recall that fraudsters often use the names of famous personalities to steal funds. Most often, the name of Elon Musk appears in such operations.

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