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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Reminds Us of Bitcoin’s ‘Ten Best Days’ Rule

In any given year, the vast majority of gains in Bitcoin price come in just the ten…

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Bitcoin Price Catalyst Will Be S&P 500 New All-Time High, Says Tom Lee

In an interview for CNBC’s Fast Money on Sept. 13, Lee broke with the narrative that investors…

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Tom Lee: Crypto Investors Convinced Bottom Is In $3,000

Travis Kling, who currently heads up industry fund Ikigai, was recently asked about his thoughts on the…

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Bitcoin Price Breakout Scheduled for August, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

In an interview with the publication, Lee, who is well known as a Bitcoin bull – but…

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Tom Lee Claims Market is Wrong, Calls for Bitcoin to be Valued at $14800

While some are calling for the final demise of Bitcoin, with the currency exhibiting price movement that…

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Tom Lee Stands Firmly on Price Prediction Despite Current Decline

Speaking to CNBC on Tuesday, Lee declared that he was still bullish towards Bitcoin. The previous week, the Fundstrat co-founder backed…

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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Recovery, But Lowers End-Year Target to $15K

Wall Street analyst and cryptocurrency bull Tom Lee has nearly cut his end-year Bitcoin (BTC) price target…

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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Slices Bitcoin Price Prediction To $15k

He also drew attention to the Bitcoin Cash contention, which is an ongoing epic, as seen by…

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Tom Lee: I’m “Pleasantly Surprised” That Bitcoin

This, as alluded to, surprised many investors, as crypto assets have historically moved a minimum of 3%…

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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ by Recent Stability of Bitcoin

As for sustained BTC price growth, Lee said that the Bitcoin needs more fiat inflows, which is – in…

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Tom Lee Expects Bitcoin to Be “One of The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies” of 2019

In addition to his YouTube interview, Tom Lee was invited to give a lecture at Asia Blockchain Week,…

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Ethereum (ETH) Will Reach $1,900 Before the End of the Year, Says Tom Lee

Tom Lee predicts Ethereum will experience a massive price rally in the closing months of the year….