Dogecoin once again received support from Mark Cuban and Elon Musk

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban said that he noticed a trend: if people are given the opportunity to exchange digital assets for goods and services, then in the case of the products of this businessman’s companies, 95% of it is about using Dogecoin.

The official account of the crypto exchange OKEx also commented on the resulting correspondence, noting that «in retrospect, it was inevitable» that Dogecoin would be quite popular.

This is how he reacted to criticism from the general managing partner of Morgan Creek Capital Jason Williams, who is sure that all alternatives to bitcoin debunked themselves back in 2017 and you need to focus only on the # 1 cryptocurrency.

The beginning of this discussion has its roots in Cuban’s interview with the American television channel CNBC on August 13, the link to which the entrepreneur shared on his Twitter account. The main message of the interview was that Dogecoin has a strong practical potential as a financial vehicle to mediate the exchange of goods and services.

Elon Musk reacted to this thesis, who recalled that he had expressed a similar point of view earlier. Recall that in May, one of the key shareholders of Tesla and SpaceX said when, in his opinion, Dogecoin could even take the place in the cryptosphere that now belongs to bitcoin.

Be that as it may, the support of two influencers had a positive effect on the price of Dogecoin, which has grown by 34.8% over the past seven days, breaking the psychologically important $ 0.3 mark and reaching $ 0.33 at the beginning of the coming week.

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