DeFi YoBit.net: a review on passive earnings and reviews from active users

The sphere of decentralized finance is one of the most promising areas for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is extensive and includes elements such as digital assets, smart contracts, and even decentralized applications.

In early August 2021, the YoBit cryptocurrency exchange launched a fundamentally new market for itself. This market provides favorable conditions for passive earnings for both experienced investors and newcomers to the sphere of earning on decentralized assets.

DeFi from YoBit.net is a separate digital marketplace that implements the simplest possible scheme to generate income without any extra effort.

It makes it possible to receive income at a time when previously digital money simply lay in the account and did not bring any benefit to its owner.

An exchange user can start making money in just a few steps:

create an account on YoBit;
we deposit cryptocurrency to a wallet inside the exchange;
we transfer coins to a special pool of liquidity (you can find it and study all the key data right on the main page of the site);
we fix a constant passive income, which works according to the scheme of a classic deposit agreement, which is familiar to everyone.

About the YoBit exchange

Already, in the liquidity pools from the YoBit.net exchange, there are assets worth tens of millions of dollars. This confirms the opinion that this exchange enjoys well-deserved respect and trust from the crypto enthusiast community.

And all thanks to factors such as:

Trouble-free operation since 2014.
Performing all functions without using the KYC procedure, which interferes with lovers of anonymous trading.
The absence of any break-ins and even the slightest failures of the security system in the fight against crackers and hackers.
Support for all the most popular directions for depositing and withdrawing fiat, among which there are even a number of payment systems popular in the ru-segment (Qiwi, AdvCash, others).

DeFi from YoBit: Benefits

A phenomenon like DeFi is a fairly common thing. Now schemes for making money on investments in decentralized finance can be found on many sites. Therefore, it is important to understand why thousands of crypto traders and ordinary investors choose DeFi from YoBit.

The main advantages of implementing a decentralized finance market on this exchange include the following points:

a convenient and functional interface of this market is fully located on the exchange website and does not force the use of additional tools (such as Metamask and other wallets);
all operations are carried out within one platform (YoBit exchange) and do not depend on external cryptocurrency networks, which would greatly slow down operations;
the YoBit exchange allows you to make swaps based on real coins (for example, BTC and DOGE), without the need to convert the original cryptocurrencies into their “substitutes” (for example: BTC to WBTC);
the reward is charged in the same real assets;
the commission for the operation is at an attractive level of 0.3%, part of 0.2% goes to payments to those who throw coins into pools (liquidity providers), 0.05% – to support the cryptocurrency linked to the exchange (Yo token ) and 0.05% – as a commission of the exchange itself;
Well, the most attractive feature for a domestic user is the unlimited possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat rubles and then withdrawing money without involving the Know Your Customer procedure.

DeFi YoBit: how to use it?

Getting started with DeFi YoBit is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Moreover, the administration of the resource did everything possible to ensure that everything literally was within the framework of one browser page. Going to the main page of YoBit.net, we see a lot of interesting things.

On the left side of the screen there is an informational section “MARKET”, in which the DEFI tab is immediately opened. In it, you can study the list of all possible pools for the most popular currency pairs (from the largest to the least demanded in terms of the total volume of liquidity invested in each pair – LV). Also in this table it is worth paying attention to the last parameter YP (Year Profit), which shows the annual income from investments in the pool.

After clicking on any of the pairs in this table, a little to the right will open additional interface blocks that can be used for various purposes:

Here you can find information on the size of the pool for each of the assets, the volume of liquidity, the volume for the last 24 hours.
In this section, everyone can use the pool as an ordinary trader and buy / sell one currency for another at a favorable rate.
A little below is the key block for those who want to make money by investing coins in the liquidity pool – “Add liquidity”. The procedure is carried out by adding assets to the pool in a ratio of 50% to 50% at the current exchange rate. It is extremely simple to carry out the operation by simply clicking on the “Max” button, after which the system will automatically calculate the maximum possible amount based on the balance and send it to the pool.
But you can do this yourself by manually entering the amount of one of the coins. After that, the required volume of the second (to get exactly 50%) will be calculated by the system based on the current rate. After clicking on “Add”, the cryptocurrency will go to the pool, and you can start monitoring your income in a small line below. Both the constantly changing percentage of income and the percentage of your cryptocurrency in the total body of the pool will be displayed there.
You can withdraw cryptocurrency from the pool at any time in the next block – “Take liquidity”. At the top of it is the volume of each of the two cryptocurrencies that you sent to the pool. A little below, you can manually enter the amount for withdrawal and click on the «Withdraw» item. Or, first click on “Max” and display everything.

DeFi Trader Contest

Literally from the start of the DeFi market on the YoBit cryptocurrency exchange, its administration decided to launch a daily competition among those who actively conclude deals in the section for buying and selling coins in pools.

By making swaps in DeFi every day, the 20 most active users in terms of trading volume receive a monetary reward in the amount of $ 100 to $ 20,000. Thus, the site gives out to its most devoted fans and fans a little over $ 30 thousand every 24 hours.

A distinctive feature of this competition is that prizes are available even for a trader with small deposits. Example:

On August 31, 10th place was taken by a person who concluded transactions for the amount of about 0.82 BTC. For this achievement, he received $ 1,300, spending only $ 400 on commissions. The net profit is $ 900 just on swaps (cryptocurrency exchanges), which he would have made without any shares.

YoBit DeFi Reviews

Despite the fact that the YoBit DeFi market is just over a month old, it is in deserved demand among both traders from all over the world and among the Russian-speaking cryptocurrency community:

transactions totaling up to $ 10 million are concluded every day;
reviews of ordinary users on specialized sites signal that customers like the opportunities that are provided by a centralized project without strict KYC rules;
daily, several video reviews from large Russian-speaking bloggers appear on the network, campaigning for the use of YoBit DeFi for their subscribers – an example can be this video from the Young Bit Hunter channel (under it you can also study the reviews of real people in which it is difficult to find even the slightest negative) ;
the English-speaking segment does not stand aside, within which there are ambassadors of the exchange and its DeFi market – for example, this is a video of an interesting cryptoblogger.

The main advantages of investing in DeFi pools of the YoBit project are:

Peace of mind based on an impeccable reputation (one of the oldest sites in the world, which still maintains a high standard of quality and safety).
An attractive list of pools (already at the start it contains the most interesting pairs of the global market).
The possibility of high-speed exchange at a favorable rate and with a low commission in the SWAP sections of each of the pools.
A very generous competition for traders.

Considering these factors, the choice in favor of YoBit is obvious for everyone who wants to combine in one project both reliability and the absence of strict requirements for verification, as well as the subsequent control of who withdraws money and where.

The centralized YoBit exchange with its minimalistic interface and simple and easy-to-learn features is the best option for newbies who are just entering the industry. At the same time, the site can become an excellent alternative for experienced traders who strive for simplicity, convenience and the most favorable conditions.

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