Cryptocurrency enthusiast received donation after losing 50 thousand dollars

A fan of cryptocurrencies, who lost about 50 thousand dollars due to his own mistake when interacting with a smart contract, thanked the crypto community for donating the equivalent of 11 thousand dollars for damages.

As a reminder, earlier this month, Github user dawidkabani13 stated that he accidentally sent 4005 LINK worth the equivalent of $ 47,000 to the Aavegotchi smart contract (GHST) on the Ethereum blockchain. Such a transaction resulted in an irrecoverable loss of coins. Fortunately, it was possible to recover part of the amount thanks to caring users.

Kindness and decency in cryptocurrencies

Note that dawidkabani13 did not fold his hands and began to act. He even turned to Vitalik Buterin with a request to return the transaction itself, reports Cointelegraph.

Note that the request sounded ridiculous enough. Still, it is obvious that no one will cancel transfers and make changes in the cryptocurrency network for the sake of one user – no matter how large his loss may be. Still, firstly, there are enough people in the niche who have already encountered this, so they will feel left out. Secondly, the network must remain unchanged, which is its main advantage.

However, the Aavegotchi team responded to the incident. Its representatives created a donation page to help the crypto enthusiast get funds back before the holidays. On Sunday, project co-founder Jesse Johnson reported that they sent the user roughly $ 11,000 in tokens with over two hundred deposits. Here is a line in which a team representative shared his attitude to the situation.

Although there was no technical solution here, we realized that charity in the spirit of Christmas could be a great opportunity to showcase the human side of the cryptocurrency world.

That is, the project representatives simply decided to help the person who made a mistake. Given the current holiday atmosphere, this looks more than generous.

The author of the smart contract, Nick Mange, confirmed that the coins sent by dawidkabani13 were most likely “lost on the Ethereum blockchain forever.” In other words, these LINKs dropped out of the general circulation of altcoins, and no one will be able to access them anymore.

This is another example of inattention that, when working with cryptocurrencies, can lead to the irrecoverable loss of a huge amount of funds. However, in this case, dawidkabani13 was partly lucky: he was supported by the cryptocurrency community, and he was able to “recover” at least part of the lost money. Here is a quote from the recipient of the funds himself who made the wrong transaction.

The whole crypto community helps me in this, people really want to help me both morally and financially. I have met many people who have also lost a lot of money in many different ways. They are afraid to talk about it, because they are ashamed – I think it’s worth sharing their problem, the vast majority wants to help.

Note that many representatives of the world of cryptocurrencies are really embarrassed to talk about their own losses. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin also mentioned this in December. According to him, “no one wants to admit the loss of 200 thousand dollars,” because in this case the person will make himself look like an “idiot.”

Recall that Vitalik raised this topic against the background of the discussion of cryptocurrency wallets. According to him, most of these products are still too complex for ordinary users. Naturally, cryptocurrencies will gain massive popularity when such programs can be used by people without any experience of interacting with the blockchain.

We believe that this situation really confirms the existence of a positive side in the cryptocurrency industry. Naturally, this niche is not only represented by hackers and scammers, as Bitcoin haters sometimes claim. There is also an abundance of sympathetic people who are ready to help others. Obviously, this is a good basis for further development and popularization of the niche.

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