Alien Worlds NFT cryptocurrency game. How to play and how much can you earn on it?

Alien Worlds is the fastest growing blockchain game and one of the most popular decentralized applications (dApps) on the market. Today it is played by over 2.7 million people.

In Alien Worlds, users can mine the in-game TLM token and trade various items presented in the NFT format – a non- fungible token. Thus, Alien Worlds users can earn from several tens to a couple of thousand dollars per month.

We figured out how Alien Worlds works, what is its uniqueness, how you can make money in it and whether it has a future for this project on the crypto market.

What makes Alien Worlds unique?

Alien Worlds is a metaverse where players can mine the in-game TLM currency and trade various NFTs. In between, they can complete quests, fight each other, or participate in the management of the game.

To date, Alien Worlds is the only blockchain game that operates on multiple networks at once: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and WAX (a fork of the EOS network). Its TLM tokens are available on all three networks, but all settlement operations and maintenance of the game go through WAX – this is a fast gaming blockchain with low fees, so its use is more profitable than Ethereum.

The plot of the game is simple: in 2055, people received a message from aliens in which they shared the secret of moving through wormholes, or as they are also called, wormholes in space. Thus, new planets were opened to humanity, and brave adventurers rushed into space to extract the unique Trillium mineral – the TLM token.

Alien Worlds players explore other worlds, cooperate and compete with each other for land and resources, mine (i.e. mine) TLM, and also receive in-game items in the form of NFTs.

Each planet is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) receiving TLMs daily through smart contracts. Trillium is required to rule the planets. TLM and NFT can be sold on the secondary market, making money on it.

Alien Worlds launched in December 2020. At first, it became the first blockchain game to reach 100,000 users, then a million, and then two million.

Alien Worlds currently has over 2.7 million registered users, of which about 370,000 log into the game every day. According to DappRadar, it is the largest dApp on the crypto market at the moment.

Rating of the largest dApps in the last 30 days, according to DappRadar

Alien Worlds is being developed by the German company Dacoco, which specializes in building DAOs. The firm also participated in the development of EOS and the Liberland blockchain experiment.

Planets and DAOs in Alien Worlds

There are 7 planets in the Alien Worlds universe, but, according to the developers, new ones will be added later. Each planet is a separate DAO competing with the others.

At the start, players choose any planet they like, on which they will then start mining Trillium – the world can be changed at any time. At the same time, DAO members have a voting right, which is proportional to the number of their TLM tokens. Thus, they take an active part in the development and management of the planet. The planet has a council of 5 members that determine its resource strategy, and the quests that can be completed on it. For example, the council can set the commission that must be paid to mine TLM on their planet, or rules for which actions players will receive the most rewards for. Council members are selected by voting.

All DAOs are run by the Federation, the in-game organization of the game’s developers that oversees the gameplay. Every day the Federation allocates TLM tokens to each planet. She can also create new planets.

Each planet is made up of parcels or lands (LAND). Each site is an NFT with a unique set of parameters (for example, the number and rate of TLM mining) and price. Players with a large number of TLMs can buy land plots on planets and rent them out to other players, receiving a daily stable income. By default, the commission for using the site is 20%, but the owner of the land can change it.

An example of a plot of land in Alien Worlds

Trillium Tokens (TLM) at Alien Worlds

As we wrote above, Trillium (TLM) is an in-game token that users receive when playing Alien Worlds. The token is needed to participate in the DAO activities of the selected planet, as well as to buy in-game items, complete quests and just to earn interest. The maximum emission of TLM will be 10 billion, now there are about 0.9 billion tokens in circulation.

Mining TLM is actually mining, but expressed in a playful way. Its profitability depends on the wealth of the land plot on which the player mines TLM, on the commission of the owner of the land for mining and on the equipment used (it can be pumped for mined tokens).

At the same time, as we wrote above, users can earn TLM by placing tokens directly on the account of the selected planet. For greater profitability, you can join one of the pools. There is no minimum stack, you can withdraw tokens at any time.

Mining is limited in time – after mining the token, you need to wait until the mining tools are recharged. The length of the break depends on the tools used, the characteristics of the site and the power of the user’s computer. The profitability of TLM mining can be calculated in advance using one of the special calculators in Alien Worlds.

At the start, each player gets his character and a shovel for TLM mining (over time, it can be turned into an excavator). It mines 0.1 TLM at a time. By purchasing new equipment, you can increase the efficiency of token mining up to 500 TLM at a time.

$ 0.07 Starting Shovel

NFT in Alien Worlds

In-game items, support characters, and land in Alien Worlds exist as NFTs. So, for example, NFTs are TLM mining tools, melee weapons or minions (characters in the game that help the user). But weapons and minions have not yet been introduced into the game: the ability to fight will be added later.

Examples of NFTs you can buy from AtomicHub

NFT can be mined while mining TLM – but this is a random process. If he is lucky, the player will find NFT, if not, he will only get tokens. The found NFT may simply not be needed – then it can be sold on the secondary market for WAX tokens.

NFT trading is conducted on a special platform AtomicHub. Prices for these in-game items range from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars. The rarer and more unique NFTs are, the more expensive they are. Several NFTs can be combined into one of a higher class and cost.

Sample Minion - $ 56 Gray Scientist

How do I play Alien Worlds?

To play Alien Worlds, you need to connect your WAX wallet to your account in the game. You can open the wallet in a few clicks by linking it to your social media profile or email.

In this case, you will have to buy several WAX – without tokens in the wallet, the game will not start. The price of one WAX ​​is about $ 0.35. Then you need to choose one of the planets and you can start mining TLM.

Choosing a character before starting the game

But we also note a few shortcomings of the game Alien Worlds, which is more about earnings and investments, and not about interesting gameplay. So, at the moment, players can only mine tokens and collect various NFTs in Alien Worlds.

The user interface feels awkward and slow, and the graphics and controls are similar to early 2000s Flash games. Users complain about frequent network congestion. To reduce the work of bots, each action to extract TLM has to be confirmed by captcha. Many players do not like this and does not help much in the fight against bots – they still manage to make millions of dollars.

How and how much can you earn in Alien Worlds?

The average earnings of players in Alien Worlds range from several tens to several hundred dollars per month. But with luck and regular investment of time and money, you can earn up to several thousand dollars a month. Early NFTs from Alien Worlds are now trading at prices that are 5-10 times their original value.

In April, Alien Worlds held a TLM token sale on Binance. But the results were disappointing – shortly after the end of the token sale, the value of the token fell by 90%. A few days later, it almost quadrupled, peaked at $ 6.8, but soon collapsed even more. Since mid-April, TLM has been flat: its price ranges from $ 0.14 to $ 0.30. On the day this article is published, TLM costs $ 0.33.

TLM price chart since token sale

Long-term investors aren’t happy with WAX either. The token is far from its $ 2 high at the beginning of 2018. Now it costs $ 0.35. Over the past year, WAX has grown 9 times. There are several reasons for this rise: growing usage, large partnerships (with Atari and Topps, for example), and growing number of active users.

Price chart for WAX since launch.

Alien Worlds Outlook 

Alien Worlds is actively developing. In April, the game partnered with the largest marketplace on the market, Binance. Then the TLM token sale was held, the eponymous planet Binance appeared in the game’s metaverse, and the TLM tokens themselves are listed on the trading platform. The participation of the exchange in promoting the game popularizes it among the huge audience of the trading platform.

Alien Worlds sales volume graph.

The outlook for Alien Worlds looks very impressive. The developers have huge plans for how to further develop the project. The most important thing is that the game allows gamers to make good money, and the amount of investment to start is quite small. For example, another popular NFT game Axie Infinity has entry thresholds starting at a few hundred dollars.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that despite the fact that millions of people play Alien Worlds now, this success may be short-lived. There are more blockchain games appearing on the market and most of them offer more fun gaming dynamics than Alien Worlds.

If the developers slow down with game updates and project development, then Alien Worlds may very soon give up leadership to another project.

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