Self-proclaimed «creator of Bitcoin» demanded to remove the main document on cryptocurrency

Craig Wright, for whom the pseudonym «Falsehood» was entrenched in the crypto community, again decided to stir up the world of digital assets. As a reminder, Wright is a developer and self-proclaimed «creator of Bitcoin» who continues to insist that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, he did not provide any evidence of this. Moreover, Craig considers BTC to be his «property» and has even published patents for the cryptocurrency. Now Falsatoshi intends to «fight» the spread of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Let’s start with an explanation. The Bitcoin Whitepaper is the most important document about the first cryptocurrency, which was written by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. In it, the developer described the features of the project and the basics of its functioning. In particular, there you can find descriptions of the confidentiality of network participants, problems of trust in a third party and motivation for miners.

The Bitcoin whitepaper has been on the main site about the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin.org for many years. A separate page is allocated for it, and it itself has been translated into many languages.

And it is this document that now requires the removal of Craig Wright. Recall that this is the same person who for many years calls himself the creator of the first cryptocurrency, but at the same time has never provided any compelling evidence. In addition, he does not have access to Satoshi’s real Bitcoin address. Well, the early addresses from the early days of the existence of the cryptocurrency ended up not his – although he argued the opposite.

In this regard, cryptocurrency lovers have even created a separate site called CraigWright.lol. It lists a list of BTC addresses that Craig called his own. However, the real owners confirmed the falsity of this statement and thus once again hit Wright’s reputation.

What’s happening with Bitcoin

On January 21, Bitcoin.org representatives, along with another platform Bitcoincore.org, received a copyright infringement notice from Craig Wright’s attorneys. Allegedly as the inventor of Bitcoin, Wright is the legal owner of the BTC whitepaper, owns the name and trademark of the cryptocurrency, as well as the two aforementioned sites listed above.

But while the owner of Bitcoin.org – a developer under the nickname Cobra – declared his indifference to Wright’s threats, the owner of Bitcoincore.org for some reason immediately surrendered under the onslaught of lawyers. Bitcoincore.org almost instantly made concessions from Craig Wright’s lawyers, Cobra said. Here is a quote from the Cobra developer in which he shares the details of the situation. The replica is given by Cointelegraph.

Unfortunately, without consulting us, the Bitcoin Core developers, in response to these allegations of copyright infringement, attempted to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper from bitcoincore.org.

That is, the reaction of the latter was too quick and passive. Perhaps the representatives of the platform were really afraid of a possible blocking of the resource due to «violation» of copyright.

Cobra noted that a local copy of the official document at Bitcoincore.org was removed in less than two hours. In doing so, he added a link to the Github modification, which shows that the change was still made.

The Bitcoin Core website was modified to remove links to the whitepaper, their local copy of the PDF document was removed, and after less than two hours of public review, the change was merged.

All references to the Bitcoin whitepaper have clearly been removed from Bitcoincore.org. Cobra said that this act of self-censorship can only validate the legitimacy of Craig Wright’s claims in the public eye. He continues.

By surrendering in this way, the Bitcoin Core project «provided ammunition» to Bitcoin’s enemies, engaged in self-censorship, and compromised its integrity. This surrender will undoubtedly become a weapon for new false claims. For example, the Bitcoin Core developers «know» Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto, which is why they did it.

After some time, the owner of Bitcoincore, Vladimir van der Laan, got in touch and said that he «did not need a showdown» related to the image of Bitcoin. Its main task is to maintain and develop new code for the main Bitcoin client Bitcoin Core. And this also has its own logic.

We believe that Craig Wright’s current activity is related solely to the recent growth in the Bitcoin exchange rate, which he wants to use to increase his own popularity. Obviously, over the many years of claims of affiliation with the creation of BTC, real evidence of this could be provided. And since they have not been there for all this time, then they certainly will not appear in the future.

In addition, all this is clearly not what the real Satoshi Nakamoto would be doing. Deleting data about your brainchild, which is changing the world for the better, would hardly be on the developer’s list of goals. In this regard, we recommend treating what is happening as an ordinary PR campaign. In addition, unsuccessful.

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