Theta upgrade adds assistance for covered THETA (wTHETA)

The Theta v3.4.0 upgrade finished successfully at block height 17285755. The software application modification enabled support for wrapped THETA (wTHETA) ahead of Theta Metachain mainnet launch in December.

Theta, a blockchain-powered video streaming network, has successfully updated to v3.4.0, Theta Labs has actually revealed.

Theta v3.4.0 went live at block height 17285755 and its success brings Theta one action better to the launch of its Metachain mainnet slated for December 2022.

Theta includes wrapped THETA for DeFi

The hard fork to the new variation finished after all area validators updated their nodes, with v3.4.0 including support for wrapped THETA (wTHETA) for the Theta web pocketbook.

The TNT20 token –- an ERC-20 like token requirement on Theta, can now be utilized on Metamask in addition to throughout numerous wise agreements.

The upgrade has also added support Theta-based decentralised money (DeFi) as well as for betting THETA or Theta Fuel to Elite Edge Nodes as well as Guardian Nodes, to offer pooled staking and rise offered betting products, Theta Labs announced.

Generally, this upgrade implies much more utility for THETA and opens up the ecological community for additional growth. The Theta group is getting ready for a testnet launch ahead of the Metachain launch, with the testnet set to offer developers an opportunity to build on their own extremely scalable, customisable subchains.

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