Ambire launches Gas Tank to help users save on fees

Ambire, the first secure, smart, open-source, non-custodial wallet centering on ease of use, has launched the Ambire Gas Tank, which will help users save significantly on fees, Coin Journal learned from a press release.  

Benefit from savings and cashback. The new feature will allow Ambire Wallet users to avail themselves of savings and cashback on transaction fees paid in ERC-20 tokens or stablecoins.

This became possible because Ambire could be used as a smart wallet. The ambitious startup team developed it as part of their vision to bring user-friendliness and flexibility to the web3 crypto scene.

The first prepay mechanism of its kind

The Gas Tank is not unlike a prepay mechanism. You make a deposit for network fees in advance, but just once. The dedicated page makes depositing and enabling the Ambire Gas Tank simple and intuitive.

Pay fees in Tether, USD Coin, DAI

Users of Ambire Gas Tank can pay network fees in stablecoins like USD Coin, Tether, DAI, and more. This payment form helps save the most money.

In fact, Web3 users can save hundreds in gas fees if they combine this with the batching transactions feature native to Ambire Wallet, which involves performing multiple operations in a single transaction.

Based on Meta technology

The Gas Tank is based on the technology of Meta Transactions. One user signs these transactions, and another pays for them (relays them.) The second user cant change the transaction. The Gas Tank offers support to various tokens on numerous networks.

The user making a deposit is prepaying fees they will incur in the future, and the relayer pays the gas tokens or ether for the transactions. This way, users earn cashback and save on unnecessary gas fees for swapping.

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