Russia ranks first in the world in terms of cryptocurrency fraud

The main method of fraud, as found in ESET, is still fake sites. Scammers hide behind investment services and lure victims through aggressive marketing.

Also, it is still relevant to attract the names of celebrities who «allegedly invest in cryptocurrency and urge their fans to do the same.» What kind of celebrities are in question, ESET did not specify.

“Hackers spend a lot of money to create high-quality fake pages of famous people on social networks, and then arrange mailings to phishing resources on their behalf,” said Jiri Kropach, head of ESET threat detection laboratories.

According to Morning Consult, almost 45% of cryptocurrency owners listen to financial advice from celebrities. It also turned out that cryptocurrency owners are much more likely to trust a financial advisor than, for example, traditional investors.

  • Russia still suffers from cryptocurrency scams.
  • Every tenth cryptoffer takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • The main tool of scammers is fake investment sites, ESET found out.

Russia has made it to the top of the countries most affected by cryptocurrency fraud. This is the conclusion reached by the information security provider ESET, writes TASS. According to the company’s report, every tenth crypto-fraud from May to August 2021 took place in Russia.

It is noteworthy that the global trend with delinquencies over the same period decreased by 23.6%. In Russia, however, the level of cybercrimes remains high, experts say.

«Today, every tenth cryptocurrency scam occurs in Russia (10% of all detected cases), followed by Peru (6.8% of the total), and the third by the United States (5.3%),» ESET analysts said. in the report.

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