Poll: 27% of US residents support the recognition of bitcoin as an official currency

More than a quarter of Americans want to follow the lead of El Salvador by recognizing Bitcoin as the official currency, according to a new poll published by the global opinion company YouGov.

“Would you support or oppose the US making bitcoin a legal form of currency?

This will mean that businesses will accept bitcoins in exchange for goods and services, in addition to continuing to accept the US dollar, ”the Americans were asked.

Survey results:

Of the 4,912 American adults surveyed, 11% «strongly supported» the initiative, while 16% of them «somewhat supported» it.

It is believed that the proportion of those who advocate making bitcoin a legal currency in the United States is much higher among millennials aged 25 to 34 (44%).

Indeed, only 11% of baby boomers would support BTC, with 43% of them strongly opposed to the idea of ​​accepting it as legal tender.

Americans who earn more than $ 80,000 a year are almost twice as likely as those who earn less than $ 40,000 to approve of the conversion of bitcoin into an official currency (21% and 11%, respectively).

In general, men are more open to adopting the flagship cryptocurrency than women (33% vs. 21%).

When it comes to political affiliation, 29% of Democrats would like to repeat the experience of El Salvador, as opposed to 26% of Republicans.

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