Cardano Releases New Roadmap Spotting Major Headway in Adoption and Growth

The team has also made good progress on the creation of script addresses via the API and soft derivation via the API. The team improved Bitte deployment tooling to allow running multiple unrelated node clusters on the same nomad cluster and deployed the Catalyst cluster for the Fund2 voting.

Finally, they provided Nix assistance with Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) 8.10 update for the node and implemented Daedalus hardware wallet support for Trezor devices. They sent updates to Blockly regarding the use of account numbers. They also made changes to the Option contract example in the Marlowe Playground to make it more realistic.”

The roadmap concluded with details about new adoption cases for the Cardano blockchain. The Athens University of Economics and Business has presented a design that will stimulate cold, hot, and warm peers in the node.

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  • Cardano has Released its Latest Roadmap for the Upcoming Goguen Update
  • The Roadmap Shows That There Has been a Lot of Progress in Terms of Development and More Adoption Will Come Soon 

Cardano developers are still working hard to ensure that the upcoming Goguen update is released on schedule. They recently released the roadmap for Goguen and it stated a lot of interesting things about the Cardano project. For example, the roadmap contains details about the progress they have made so far in the development of the Daedalus wallet and its integration with Trezor. They are also working on developing Android and iOS apps for the Daedalus and Trezor wallet.

Cardano is Making Developmental Progress

According to the latest roadmap, there have many updates on the Daedalus wallet, and project Catalyst is doing just what it was developed to do. Some of the major updates have been made to ease the introduction of smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain with the release of Goguen before the end of the year. They have also done a lot of work in Adrestia and in making the Cardano blockchain more decentralized.

The new Daedalus update, 2.4.0 will come with a host of improved features. The Daedalus 2.4.0 is the final version of the wallet that will be integrated with Trezor. After this, it will be tested and reviewed by independent and unbiased people. At the same time, they are also working with the Adrestia team to support multiple assets and wallets. They also added delegation support for the wallet hardware, they created a complete flexible server selection for SMASH. Part of the roadmap was as follows;

“It was a busy week for Adrestia, as they also accomplished nightly benchmarks of the server in the context of multi-account done, and have almost completed a configurable time-to-live for the transaction and automatic rescheduling of failed transactions.

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