Shoppable Video Creates Unique Customer Experiences And Differentiates Brands

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When British lifestyle brand Ted Baker wanted to create a compelling customer experience, it employed the storytelling power of video and augmented it with interactivity. Its “Mission Impeccable” campaign used shoppable video, which took traditional linear video and added clickable interactivity that let consumers learn more about products and add them to their cart.

In our recent Forrester webinar “How To Boost Online Conversion With Shoppable Video”, Brendan Witcher and I talked with Digital Commerce Director Craig Smith, who has been with Ted Baker for 23 of the company’s 30 years. Below is an excerpt from our discussion, in which Craig talks about measuring the success of shoppable video.

The initial video (embedded below but without the interactivity, because the campaign has ended) was a spy-style vignette directed by Guy Ritchie. The first movie was so successful that the brand went on to produce six more shoppable videos.

Shoppable Video Creates Unique Customer Experiences And Differentiates Brands

The ability for customers to learn more about their online purchases is important, and it’s what puts online retailers at a disadvantage. Our Forrester Analytics data shows that, when US online adults choose to shop in stores rather than buy online, 46% do so to touch, see, feel, or smell products before purchasing them. Rich media such as video is important in bridging this gap between online and in-store. After “Mission Impeccable”, the brand wanted to step up its video efforts, and in “Keeping Up With The Bakers”, it produced a 360-degree video with similar interactive, shoppable elements.

To learn more about how shoppable video might help your business, check out the new Forrester report, “Make Your Video Shoppable To Boost Online Conversion.”

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