Sports Betting in the UK

Sports Betting in the UK is deeply entrenched in the culture. The Bookmaking industry makes a massive contribution to the British economy to the tune of over 700 million pounds per year and it doesn’t look like this is going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the opposite is true.

The industry is growing, and it is now embracing cryptocurrency betting as well, finding a new growth vector.

Since the Sports Betting industry is so large, and such a massive contributor to the British economy, British gambling laws were designed to let the industry grow. Instead of trying to limit it in any way, the UK focused on making sure that users have access to fair play and the UK youth are not involved in online betting.

How do Gambling Laws work in the UK?

Any gambling operator is welcome to offer a sportsbook in the UK, provided they are licensed under UK Gambling Commission or any other registered territory. The law protects the player, but should the player decide to bet on an unregistered or illegal book, they run the risk of having their funds frozen. Players should check the validity of their chosen sportsbooks before engaging in any wagering activity.

How can the UK expand its already robust Sports Betting industry?

The British government is seriously looking at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a way of gaining further growth in this thriving online industry. The explosion of cryptocurrency sportsbooks and the fact that it is increasingly easier to access creates a more diverse and expansive market share opportunity.

The UK government, along with others around the world, have taken notice of the advantages of using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and are carrying out extensive studies into it. This is another factor that can encourage punters to use this form of currency.

sports betting in the uk

People worldwide are more comfortable with this once, misunderstood blockchain platform and you can see a steady increase of punters using this form of currency on a more regular basis. The advantages of cryptocurrency use in this industry are manifold. The introduction of cryptocurrencies to the sportsbook industry changed the landscape. Players are now experiencing provably fair gaming that is secure and more efficient. This, along with the superior betting options and number of events available to bet on, constitute a focal point for exponential growth in the industry.

Which sports can be accessed in the UK through an Online Sportsbook?

The number of sporting events on cryptocurrency sportsbooks in the UK has skyrocketed. Obviously, football leads the way, especially with the 2018 FIFA World Cup craze. As far as football is concerned, people in the UK are especially keen on betting on the following:

  • World Cup games.
  • Premier League games.
  • FA Cup games.
  • Conference National.
  • League One and Two.
  • Champions League games.

When British punters are not betting on football, they choose from the following sports and sporting events:

  • Rugby – including League, Union, and Championship games.
  • Basketball
  • Motorsports
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Badminton
Which are the Best Sportsbooks for UK Punters?

Punters have a variety of platforms to place their bets on. As the number of cryptocurrency-based gambling providers increases due to the enormous demand for secure and provably fair gambling with all the flexibility that comes with these type of Sportsbooks, players need to assess which provider they prefer and whether it offers the best and most varied gaming experience.

We have looked at a broad spectrum of sports books available in the UK, and we recommend the following based on our personal experiences and research:

The criteria we used to assess the books was firstly based on being provably fair and cecure, the betting options, variety of sporting events available to bet on and lastly transactional ease.


Sports Betting in the UK looks set to be even more profitable than ever before. Due to the growth of this industry, the British government will reap its reward for its gambling policies and punters will enjoy the benefits of gambling on regulated platforms. With the exciting inclusion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the industry will become even more attractive.

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