Ex-Morgan Stanley Exec Joins His Former Colleagues at Shenzhen Crypto Firm

As Bloomberg reported on Aug. 23, Wang will operate out of Vancouver as the head of Americas for Amber. According to the article, he previously worked at Morgan Stanley with four out of the five Amber’s founders, and two of them – Wayne Huo and Tony He – used to report directly to Wang.

Former Morgan Stanley Asia head of derivatives Jeffrey Wang officially joined Amber Group, a Shenzhen-based cryptocurrency company.

This decision reportedly bought Wang back to work after taking the past three years off.

No rest for the crypto market

He explained that the idea of a fast-growing nascent industry where his experience will be useful is what convinced him to join Amber, adding:

“As the more mature traditional markets are continuing to see compressed margins and moving to automation, the crypto financial market is still in its infancy.”

Artificial intelligence for trading

Amber Group reportedly started in 2015 as a side project for four traders at Morgan Stanley – Michael Wu, Tiantian Kullander, Huo and He – and Bloomberg LP developer Thomas Zhu. They began working on the project full-time in 2017. Amber’s aim is to explore machine learning for trading.

As Cointelegraph explained in a dedicated article published in November last year, artificial intelligence and machine learning could help various trading bots to constantly evolve and develop.

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