Media Alliance to Use Blockchain Technology for Copyright Protection

A media copyright protection alliance has been established in Beijing to provide copyright protection services using blockchain technology, according to the Chinese state-owned International Finance News on Dec. 19.

The newly established alliance – the «China Financial Media Copyright Protection Alliance» – involves more than 30 major financial media outlets such as International Finance News, Economic Information Daily, China Business News, Beijing Business Daily, and the Daily Economic News, among others.

The alliance aims to provide “reasonable authorization systems, improving authorized transaction mechanisms, strengthening industry copyright self-discipline, and developing copyright cooperation in the industry.”

Qi Huisheng, secretary of the former Communist Party group of the China Association of Journalists said:

«Reporters and newspapers should establish copyright awareness, solve common problems in copyright protection through technology and other means, and actively communicate with relevant technical teams to protect original copyright…»

International Finance News reports that the alliance will use blockchain technology “to provide original authentication and copyright protection for original works.” The Alliance aims to use the technology to “embed the unique identifier ‘DNA’ in the article.”

So long as the article maintains a 70 percent similarity, whether it is transferred through social media or various websites, the “DNA” can be purportedly traced back to the original:

“…once an infringement is discovered, the technology platform will immediately obtain evidence.”

In June, an association of more than 100 mainstream media outlets established the “Global Media Blockchain Alliance” in Hong Kong, aiming to provide high-quality information about the blockchain industry to the public, and create a “healthy public opinion environment.”

Last month, 54 different Chinese companies covering blockchain technology in finance and trading established the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Blockchain Alliance. The new group will purportedly promote innovation and jointly develop blockchain technology within the country.

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