Three Things You Need to Beat Crypto in 2019

2018 has been a pretty tough year for crypto, there’s no denying that. This Bear market has been hard on almost everyone (unless you’re totally ahead of the game), and has brought about some unexpected changes to the cryptocurrency scene. With that being said, many analysts are optimistic about things turning around in 2019. We’re hoping they’re right, but if not we thought we should put together a list of things that you can do to beat the crypto markets in the new year.

  1. HODL

Crypto-holders/ buyers/ traders/ enthusiasts need to calm down and HODL (hold on for dear life). This year has been quite volatile for crypto and we’ve seen crypto users either buying tokens in large quantities or selling up. For example, (albeit this was last year) we saw individuals actually taking second mortgages out on their houses to buy BTC when it peaked in mid-December of 2017. If you’re looking for ways to bring in income with your crypto but are going to HODL, consider staking your tokens. You can stake most cryptocurrencies and thereby either reduce fees or bring in passive income. Make smart, well-informed decisions and occasionally sit out whatever so-called “gold rush” people are making a huge fuss about.

  1. Research

Research, research, research. We cannot stress this enough. If you’re new to crypto (or even if you’re an old-hand!) you need to research before you act. Too often we hear of individuals losing massive amounts of cash on bad investments and that’s often down to them not doing enough research into the token/ICO they’re buying into. If you’re using crypto for investment purposes you need to treat it like you would any other investment, monitor the markets and learn what will work and what won’t It’s also a great idea to find a seasoned investor to guide you. There are resources out there (such as the next tip on the list) that can provide you with a better understanding of how to invest in crypto, and how to build your way up to being the best retail investor out there.

  1. Vertex

If you’re new to crypto and are looking for a safe environment in which to invest, think about trying Vertex Market. Vertex is the world’s first OTC market for tokens, where you can access exclusive coins at highly preferential rates. All of the tokens available on the platform have been screened by Vertex and are therefore fantastic options for investment. You’ll find major coins like BTC and ETH as well as alt-coins including VTEX (Vertex’s own utility coin), TUSD, and REP.

Vertex is a revolutionary platform, where you’ll be able to access multiple digital assets with only one KYC. Anyone can buy or sell on Vertex as transactions are done P2P, but with the added security of a legitimate platform behind you. Over-the-counter trading has never been easier or more secure than it is with Vertex.

Vertex can be an invaluable tool for traders looking to beat the crypto markets in 2019. It helps you make secure, transparent investments in exclusive coins with an ease of use not seen before in crypto. It really is something completely unique and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

So, are you ready to take your next investment step with Vertex? Head to https://vertex.market to register now.

Obviously investing comes with risks but you don’t have to go in blind. With that being said, it’s crucial that you also don’t give into FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). There can be a lot of undue fear-mongering in this Bear market and more often than not there’s no real reason for alarm. It’s important to remember not to get in over your head and you’ll be fine – we’re looking forward to a prosperous 2019.

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