Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Adds Wallet App from Blockchain Phone Rival Pundi X

Announced by Pundi X in a blog post on Monday, the firms have entered a symbiotic relationship regarding their wallet tech, with Pundi X integrating with Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet and making its XWallet available to the Galaxy S10 phone’s blockchain app options.

Rival manufacturers of blockchain smartphones, Samsung and Pundi X, appear to see the benefits of working together on crypto adoption.

“This presents a unique opportunity to push blockchain technology and blockchain-based digital assets into the mainstream, reaching the millions of Samsung smartphone users around the world”, firm says in the post.

Pundi X claims the news makes it the first fintech app in the S10’s blockchain ecosystem.

S10 users adding XWallet to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be able to move cryptocurrencies between the two apps. Pundi X suggests that users can use Samsung’s wallet to store cryptos securely, “like a savings account”, and moving them to the XWallet “checking account” for use in payments.

Pundi X added that, with XWallet recently becoming available via XPOS – the firm’s blockchain point-of-sale device – more payment options will be on offer for S10 users as a result. XWallet is also connected with XPASS, Pundi X’s NFC-enabled crypto payment card product.

The firm said:

“The XWallet’s integration with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet thus makes Pundi X payment ecosystem available to a much wider audience, allowing the Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to not only store their ETH securely but also transfer to XWallet and spend it in a variety of shops, opening their doors to the new generation and their preferred cryptocurrencies.”

Samsung launched its S10 flagship phone back in March, revealing a bold blockchain play that saw it offer the crypto wallet alongside decentralized apps (dapps), merchant payments and other features such as blockchain signing.

Details of Pundi X’s device were aired at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona in February and a launch is expected later this year. The prototype XPhone is said to be able to make calls over a blockchain.

Samsung Expands Its Blockchain DApp Kit With New Services, Updates Wallet

South Korean tech giant Samsung has expanded its blockchain and decentralized application (DApp) Software Development Kit with two new services.

Galaxy of multi-service blockchain apps

Per the press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 6, Samsung has integrated a digital analytics DApp dubbed “Jupiter” and a QR code-based password wallet “Mars” into Galaxy S10 and newer version of Samsung smartphones.

Jupiter utilizes TrustVerse’s artificial intelligence powered price prediction and analytics build on Microsoft Azure architecture. The DApp enables users to track volatility of digital assets – including Bitcoin and Ether (ETH), among others – by analyzing past records of market movements.

The service thus provides forecasts of how cryptocurrency prices will change over the course of several hours. Samsung’s users will reportedly soon be able to receive in-depth analysis reports on blockchain token market and prices.

The second app, Mars, lets users conduct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers through QR code. “Complex address input can be avoided just by clicking on a QR code and therefore, typo error or entering wrong address can be avoided”, the release explains.

Marking growing adoption of blockchain

Samsung initially announced its DApp kit in July, stating that it allows for account management and backup, payment and digital signature facilitation, Samsung Keystore and other cold wallet support.

That same month, Cointelegraph reported that Samsung and cryptocurrency payments startup Pundi X’s new cooperation will allow users to integrate the XWallet app to their Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

Samsung first revealed that Galaxy S10 series will have wallet functions for digital currencies in February. Later in May, news broke that Samsung’s budget smartphones will also feature cryptocurrency and blockchain features.

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