Giving a presentation as part of a Q& A session on Oct. 10, Andreas Antonopoulos poured freezing conditions water on fears Google’s recent quantum computing very good results could impact cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) is “zip” to fear from the blog site advances in quantum computing from Google, one of many industry’s best-known figures provides confirmed.

The consequence on Bitcoin? “Zip, bupkis nada”

“What is the effect on exploration and the cryptocurrency world overall? Zip, bupkis, nada, zero really happens, ” the guy summarized.

Furthermore Cointelegraph reported last month, Google had announced its full of used a quantum machine to perform a task, which an every day machine would take thousands years to complete.

Described as “quantum supremacy, ” the event sparked immediate is about about public blockchains.

Misunderstandings spark crypto concerns

Antonopoulos, however, said we were holding unfounded.
“Quantum supremacy, what Google labeled, is demonstrating the well-designed applicability of quantum laptop or computer to certain classes towards problems, ” he revealed.

Antonopoulos continued:

“Those classes of headaches are not the same classes of troubles we’re talking about when we discussion breaking cryptography. ”

The idea of portion threatening Bitcoin had up until now surfaced several years ago, Antonopoulos in the same manner dispelling the idea due to technology’s overall lack of intricacy.

Though, becoming quantum-resistant, at least with regards signature algorithms, is in relation to Bitcoin’s roadmap as a a necessity step, he added.

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