Nickle past week of crypto and blockchain news doing a review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Brasil e do mundo .

The story along with Brazil’s crypto scams his or her a new twist over the past a single as CEO of an presumed pyramid scheme reportedly fled the country after rejecting justice deadlines.

Banco Original sponsors a crypto-related event

Brazil’s Banco Original was the principal host of the Expo Boa Moment, a major fintech conference bringing together financial institutions, multilevel marketing moreover cryptocurrency-related firms, Cointelegraph País brasileiro reported on Oct. 2. Held at Expo De Pedro in Campinas, in case reportedly hosted more than 15, 000 entrepreneurs.

According to Cointelegraph Brasil, multiple crypto-related companies at the achievement such as B2Ccoin and DD Corporation are not authorized via Brazil’s Securities and Trading Commission (CVM) to operate in country. Moreover, some of the companies are purported to be involved in financial pyramid strategies, the report notes.

Unick Forex reimburses a customer as ordered simply court

Always on Oct. 9, purported finance scheme Unick Forex executed a court so that they can reimburse one of its clients. Early, the company issued any public statement claiming because they would only reimburse individuals shoppers who had obtained their transaction vouchers.

Whereas previously reported, the Sao Paulo Court of Justice ordered a block located on Unick Forex-managed assets last monday, following a lawsuit about wait around withdrawals from the platform. The main court eventually ordered Unick Forex to pay $28, 600 to a client who registered a complaint against the tiny}.

Previously, Unick Forex’s president argued that the company is not a wise investment platform, but rather an education-focused platform.

Atlas Quantum’s CEO flees The brand

The CEO of Brazillian investment boot up and alleged pyramid scheme Atlas Quantum provides reportedly left Brazil to gain Netherlands, as reported on Oct. 10. Influenced by Cointelegraph Brasil, the firm’s CEO Rodrigo Marques fled the country with his family soon after a public hearing prior to when the House of Representatives, disregarding the security staff that which accompany him everywhere.

Meanwhile, Atlas Quantum’s customer service denied the news on the way to Cointelegraph, claiming that Estampille was in Sao Paulo seeking to work out overdue withdrawals tasks on the platform. Following an information request, the Federal Law enforcement officials of Brazil reportedly declared that Marques is free to angry borders as there is no conviction or any court order avoiding him from doing so.

As reported at mid-September, Atlas Quantum rejected court deadlines to settle its delayed Bitcoin ( BTC ) withdrawals on the nation’s platform. On Sept. teen, the Federal Court including Brazil ruled that the exchange’s activities may constitute financial pyramid and ordered if you want to immediately freeze the company’s assets. On Oct. second, major crypto exchange HitBTC dissmissed off allegations that it was involved in freezing Atlas Quantum’s funds, claiming that the brought evidence was forged.

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