Utrust adds support for USDT on Polygon

Utrust has added support on Polygon transactions for USDT. With that, its digital payments solutions will benefit users with fast, low-cost transactions, multichain capabilities, and Web3 infrastructure, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

Integrating a premiere multichain solution

Utrust is constantly leveraging cutting-edge global technology to empower its users to make financial decisions freely with the best tools.

The leading cryptocurrency payment solution&s addition of Polygon support ensures seamless, affordable, and rapid transactions for all users.

The integration with the recently bullish Polygon also paves the way for a new future of support, integrations, and collaborations.

High-speed Tether payments and more

USDT recently went live on Polkadot. By adding USDT support for Polygon, Utrust makes sure users can take advantage of USDT payments while avoiding any of the disadvantages connected to the ERC-20 network.

Bandwidth is the Polygon network&s main forte, with transaction speeds up to 200 times that of the Ethereum Mainnet. At the moment, Polygon boasts the biggest dApps ecosystem in the world and is also carbon negative.

No gas fees

The lack of gas fees is another big benefit. The Ethereum Mainnet&s fluctuating fees are no secret to anyone who has used Ethereum-based assets for any length of time. Now that Utrust has integrated USDT payments on Polygon, the platform&s users will pay 99% lower gas fees.

Future integrations

Utrust believes its technical capacity provides far more potential beyond the Polygon integration. The payment solution is probing the possibilities that come from adding new blockchains and what they can bring to its payments experience.

The mission

Utrust&s mission has always been to make things simpler, cheaper, and faster for everyone. It will keep working on taking crypto payments mainstream and making them more accessible with integrations like Polygon.

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