PUML Better Health partners with Australian BMX Olympic Gold Medalist Logan Martin

Australian Move-to-Earn decentralized application (dApp) PUML Better Health has announced a partnership with the Australian BMX Olympic gold medalist Logan Martin. Following the partnership, Martin will be a key partner of PUML&s strategic roadmap.

Logan Martin is a renowned figure in the BMX sport having won more than 10 awards including the Olympics BMX freestyle gold medal, 2021 UCI world champion, and 3 times gold medal winner of the Xgames.

Besides participating in various competitions throughout his sports career, Logan invested $85,000 into his own competition-sized BMX Park in the back of his garden in 2019 after his local park was closed during the global COVID-19 pandemic. This BMX Park allowed Logan to keep training throughout the pandemic and go ahead to clinch the men&s BMX freestyle title at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Logan also boasts of other impressive partnerships including partnerships with GoPro and Rockstar Energy. He also has more than one million followers across his social media accounts. He has 432k followers on Instagram, 195k followers on TikTok and over 25k followers on YouTube.

What Logan Martin brings to PUML

Logan is a well-respected athlete in Australia this partnership is expected to give PUML Better Health huge exposure both in Australia and around the globe. This will increase PUML&s potential users just weeks before the launch of its WearX NFT collection.

The founder of PUML Better Health, Damien King, expressing his excitement with Logam Martin&s partnership said:

&Super stoked to have Logan Martin working with the team on some amazing and innovative projects we have launching in the next couple of weeks and months. He is a great representation of the direction PUML is taking, getting respectable people in the sports and fitness industry on board and welcoming audiences to the new wave.”

Being a health and well-being-based app, PUML is focused on steps, meditation, and general exercises and its partnership with Logan is a great achievement in introducing it to specific sports. PUML plans to make other game-changing announcements in the coming days including an NFT collection, ambassador programs, and partnerships among others.

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