Only1 testimonial: redefining social networks experience using NFTs

Only1 is an NFT-powered social media sites procedure that is improved Solana. It leaves from the standard streamlined social networks platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and also Instagram by being a decentralized system.

Besides being a decentralized platform, Only1 makes use of non-fungible tokens(NFTs) to permit content makers to directly interact with their fans without the demand for third parties.

In this review, we will take a look at how Only1 works, its vital attributes, advantages and disadvantages, before providing our last decision. Continue reading for information. Just how it works Being a decentralized NFT-powered social media sites system on Solana, Only1 provides a platform where social media material makers can produce their content, monetize it on their own without the requirement for 3rd

events, as well as permit their followers to directly communicate with the material utilizing NFTs. With Only1, a social media material maker undergoes a Know Your Customer( KYC )process. A Genesis NFT is then minted for them, which mirrors their identification and can be associated with benefits as well as perks, The Genesis NFT can additionally be traded on the NFT industry.

With the Genesis NFT, content developers can currently go ahead as well as mint Memberpass NFTs for their fans and also in exchange receive $LIKE, the indigenous token of Only1. The fans can then trade the Memberpass NFTs on the NFT marketplace.

When a developer produces Content Fans and nfts buy the NFTs making use of $LIKE, a section of the $LIKE tokens made use of in the purchase are melted to reduce the supply. $LIKE is the native token of the Only1 system and also is the key mode of paying in trading NFTs and also awarding both followers as well as content developers.

Additionally, fans can also bet $LIKE tokens right into Creators Staking Pools(which represent the account of the makers )as well as earn depending on the pool s APY, which transforms relying on the designer&’s engagement the greater the involvement; the a lot more

the APY. Followers can additionally go ahead as well as acquire Genesis NFTs from content creators. In such an instance, both the Genesis NFT Owner (who is the follower that simply acquired the Genesis NFT) and also the designer gain a split of the laying benefits from the Total Value Locked.

Besides trading Genesis NFTs, Memberpass NFTs, and also staking $LIKE symbols, fans additionally get a chance to invest in limited version NFTs via Initial NFT Offering (INO) on the NFT Launchpad

Only1 DAO

Only1 has a decentralized self-governing organization (DAO) that is tasked with managing the area standard and system advancement while balancing in between the security of the community on the system, and also freedom of expression.

The DAO makes Only1 totally decentralized indicating nobody individual or event has control of the platform or exactly how it operates. Every participant has an equivalent say.

Advantages and disadvantages of Only1


  1. Scalability –- Only1 is highly scalable for making use of Solana.
  2. Lower purchase costs –- besides scalability, Solana likewise bills reduced gas charges for purchases
  3. A fair developer economy –- Only1 pays users (material developers and also followers) as opposed to the standard advert-platform repayment channel. This indicates the content creators do not need to share the value produced by their web content with third parties.
  4. Customer maximized for users –- Ads are enhanced for customers as opposed to the platform, unlike standard social media systems.


    1. Few marketers (marketers) are using Only1 presently; something credited to the fact that the social media market is not totally prepared for the extensive adoption of decentralized applications.

Why should you use Only1?

On typical social media sites systems like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, makers monetize their web content via third parties (middle-men) which generally carries the type of retailing, shout-outs, Advertisement advertisements, as well as sponsorships. And although these techniques function, the profits produced by the material engagement is divided between material developers as well as 3rd parties.

On the standard social platforms, marketers pay the social media systems for individuals& focus and the platforms after that pay the content designers. With Only1, which is a decentralized social media platform, individuals obtain direct remuneration for generating individual interest.

Additionally, material designers in traditional social networks platforms deal with continuous censorship as well as demonetization pressure from 3rd parties, which is not the situation with Only1 considering that there are no 3rd parties involved whatsoever. Only1 customers and developers alike gain symbols by participating in social tasks on the system and also share the passive income produced from trading NFTs like in the & Play-to-Earn version.

Last Verdict

While NFTs have actually produced a paradigm shift within the crypto industry, increasingly more cutting-edge items like Only1 are increasingly coming up to solve the problem of centralization.

As a decentralized social media sites system, Only1 sticks out among social media sites systems in being fair in terms of gratifying web content companies as well as followers. Only1 thinks that those responsible for individual involvement must be the single beneficiaries of any kind of social media involvement. It is consequently a system worth considering for social networks material makers if they want to enhance their revenue resources as well as get a larger slice of the pie.

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