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Interview with Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich. In the spring of 2022, a large cryptocurrency event occurred– the opening of the Leadership Academy for MediaCoin.

To day, there are several companies connected to the cryptocurrency market as well as investment. Just how is MediaCoin different from others? Why is it fascinating for blog writers as well as specialists in cryptocurrencies, NFT as well as – the metaverse?

What is distinct about the Leadership Academy task? Let s look for out the solution to these and other inquiries today. Our visitors: Denys Tyshchenko- Marketing Director at MediaCoin, and Isaac Pintosevich- President of the International Professional Association – of IPACT Trainers.- Hello, dear guests!

Thank you for agreeing to do an interview and inform us the information regarding MediaCoin as well as particularly the Leadership Academy project! Denys, please tell me what MediaCoin does and also what your obligations are within the firm.

— Hello people! The MediaCoin company is popularizing cryptocurrencies, instructing people regarding cryptocurrencies and also making money from it, while enabling people to affiliate and get closer to their idols via the NFT globe and the metaverse.- I am the advertising director as well as also one of the business s traders. I am responsible for the money to function properly, to increase; for all advertising as well as promotion of the company worldwide. – Please tell me how MediaCoin is different from other investment firm and what is the peculiarity of the Leadership Academy task.- MediaCoin sets itself apart: primary and first, we are the first to attach network marketing, NFTs and also the metaverse. Second, we place terrific focus on items. In simply six months, we currently have our own NFT market, a regular market where our customers get discounts. We also have the initial version of the metaverse appearing next month, where individuals will certainly already have the ability to utilize it, and also soon, there will certainly be a cryptocurrency purse. Also, we pay a lot of interest to training. In master classes, we show: what are cryptocurrencies, how to earn money with them, what is

– NFT and metaverse; so the person who chooses to deal with us is mindful. And also we have the incredible Leadership

– Academy, which Isaac Pintosevich is responsible for. Thanks to him, individuals that involve the platform not just research the world of cryptocurrencies, however additionally the globe of understanding. Sergey Sevastyan, the CEO of the business and also I, are going to launch crypto training following month, and every user will still have that training.- Denys, how did you develop the suggestion to produce Leadership Academy?- The suggestion of creating Leadership Academy transpired merely due to the fact that I have been operating in mlm for over seven years. I always concentrate on teaching individuals, since I ve taught

– over 4,000 people just how to trade. I recognize that the most important thing in life is to discover. If an individual has expertise and afterwards begins to act, he will have 100% outcomes. And most significantly, he/she will certainly make fewer errors, so we comply with the course of training individuals. Isaac, please inform me why you agreed to participate in this task as well as what point of views you saw. – First of all, today, cryptocurrencies, NFTs as well as the metaverse are new as well as growing rounds. We need to innovate. The new is where you require to be, if you want to establish and expand, you certainly require to be with whoever is at the forefront, at the center. So I decided to start collaborating with MediaCoin. Second, one of the most vital thing in tasks is the group. MediaCoin has a group of ambitious and incredibly energised people. I constantly take pleasure in being with these individuals and also working. That s the vital to success. The aspiration as well as energy of the leaders, combined with the professionalism and trust of the team they are part of, assure results in the jobs. They invited me, this verifies not only their ambition as well as power however also their highest knowledge. They invite the very best in every area to collaborate on the task. Thirdly, MediaCoin is an international project that spreads out all over the world, as is the IPACT(International Professional Association of Coaches and also Trainers ), which I lead. We have a comparable ideology: going to the world, a globe without boundaries. Today, cryptocurrency connects the whole globe, all nations.

It is the most convenient kind of repayment. As IPACT is worldwide, so is MediaCoin. – Isaac, please tell us about your extensive experience in the field of coaching and training. I have been working in the education and learning field because 2006. Initially, I was a business fitness instructor, I taught firms like Visa, MasterCard, Deloitte, Procter Gamble, the biggest firms in the world, I taught my methods, which I invented myself. Afterwards, I created my own one-of-a-kind style of coaching called The New Coaching Code . I additionally produced Isaac Pintosevich Systems, which was just one of one of the most effective companies in the post-Soviet space, which I later on sold. More than 100,000 of my trainees have organized IPACT. As well as I headed it, I m the head of state of this organization. This non-profit organization assists trainers work with quality so that the market gets the most effective training services. If you purchase trainings, training programs somewhere, see if they are IPACT certified, that s an indication of

quality. I can claim that, especially in the post-Soviet room, I went through all locations of the educational organization. I am a teacher of leadership at Synergy Business School. I created 14 books, more than 1,000,000 publications marketed worldwide. I have a substantial quantity of experience in education, and also all that experience belongs to IPACT, and also the most essential accomplishments in the world are made use of in the MediaCoinLeadership Academy.

– – What advantages do Leadership Academy individuals obtain from taking your courses and training?- We established Leadership Academy particularly for MediaCoin. All programs &are dedicated to three things: the first is the objectives. Powerful, big leaders have ambitious, intense, and also large objectives. The second is efficiency, activity to accomplish these goals, including the programs Winner of Laziness , Aja! Fold! There are programs that increase individual efficiency, and also the person starts to act 20 times greater than previously. Large goal and great deals of action. The 3rd collection of programs are programs that offer management tools to build a team, motivate a team. The leader attains the objective with the assistance of the group. These are the advantages that Leadership Academy participants receive: they find out to

– set goals, act 20 times harder than average individuals to accomplish objectives, and also develop and influence groups that will certainly help them attain these remarkable objectives.- Denys, speak about the situations, about what Leadership Academy participants have currently achieved in the short period of the task.- There are numerous situations. Individuals who quickly recognized the significance and also began to learn, actually in a month, got the result x2! The most crucial point is to find out and also use the knowledge in practice.

– We likewise assist with that. There are currently people that, many thanks to new expertise, have extra motivation, negligence disappears, as well as they already receive thousands as well as 10s of countless dollars.

– – What other tasks do you plan to implement based upon MediaCoin?- In the fall, we will have all the jobs that exist in cryptocurrencies. Today, I repeat, this is an item market, where you can purchase, thanks to

our currency as well as our get in touches with, some items at a price cut. We offer Apple products 15 % cheaper than the market. A minimal variety of items, yet only for individuals that have our money.

It is also an NFT market where you can gain NFTs and utilize them in the metaverse. These are media worlds where individuals will certainly dance, discover as well as sing, as well as media personalities will be involved there, our own cryptocurrency wallet, which will certainly introduce in late July- very early August, where people will certainly be able to store cryptocurrencies., transfer them, they do not require to use various other solutions,

most significantly, they will certainly have the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for euros inside our budget, demand our card and also pay with it. Also, in the summer, we will have a launching pad, as well as in the loss, we will have an exchange. In simply one year (we have an anniversary in November), we will certainly construct all the products that remain in the cryptocurrency sector today.

– We will certainly update the items, add new things, as well as provide even more and also more opportunities to our participants.- Isaac, what do you want for the visitor who wants to change their life as well as enhance their management skills? If you are a leader, then you should go where leaders collect. If you intend to be a leader and attain a goal, you should connect with the people that attain it. Whoever you are with, with these people, you will find out. This is an extremely vital regulation, which very plainly mirrors the significance. If you intend to be a leader and attain large goals, go where they gather. Connect and also function with the best you can at MediaCoin and also Leadership Academy. Discover the best individuals to accomplish your goals, and also your objectives will certainly be achieved! That&’s what I wish for all readers.

– – Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich, thanks very much for the detailed meeting! We wish you success as well as success!

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