Vocdoni hosts Football Club Barcelona supporter’s club consultatory council elections

FC Barcelona FCB)President Joan Laporta has actually previously reiterated the club s intent to go into the cryptocurrency room. Vocdoni, a job structure governance services based upon decentralized innovation, introduced on Monday, July 25th, that it had conducted a successful election of Football Club Barcelona (FCB)Supporter s Club to the FCB Advisory Council.

According to journalism release shared with Coinjournal, Vocdoni stated the election is a vital component of FCB as well as saw the political election of 30 representatives to the governance body of the club.

By taking advantage of Vocdoni s Open Voting Stack, FCB made it very easy for 1,160 citizens from the Supporters Clubs to get to a decentralised ballot process for the very first time in the club s 123 years of existence.

Marta Sancho, Project Manager at Vocdoni, mentioned that;

“The Penyes movement has a rich history of fan inclusion. FCB has actually given a voice to their advocates for over a century, as well as currently Vocdoni is bringing this process of cooperative governance into the digital age. This ballot is a massive advance for Web3 technology, bridging the gap to typical markets via powerful use cases.”

To make certain that the procedure is autonomous, the citizen user experience was streamlined via Vocdoni s transparent, auditable and widely proven technology and ballot platform.

The Vocdoni platform is conveniently available using mobile as well as desktop computer devices. To participate in the political elections, voters needed to finish an SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

After the 2FA, the voters cast their tally utilising ‘ blind signatures as well as got an evidence of electing code. With this process, each vote was counted, and also the anonymity of the citizens was maintained.

Vocdoni is a Web3 project establishing decentralised governance options utilizing distributed ledger technologies, with a primary concentrate on electronic ballot services.

The system gives censorship-resistant, safe and secure and also auditable modern technology at a fraction of the expense of its centralised competitors.

The project has gotten support from efforts as well as individuals, a lot of prominently the Aragon Association.

Along with FC Barcelona s political elections, Vocdoni s decentralised governance remedies have been carried out by entities such as Òmnium Cultural (the most significant social organization in Europe), the effective 14Fruites pilot ran in alongside the 2021 Catalan political elections, and also the first fully digital referendum in the Spanish state.

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