Rosfinmonitoring launches a system to track cryptocurrency transactions

Rosfinmonitoring, together with law enforcement officers and the Academy of Sciences, has developed a service that will allow tracking cryptocurrency transactions. This was stated by the head of the department Yuri Chikhanchin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“This will enable us to track these transactions in cryptocurrency , and most importantly, we are now working out signs and criteria that, in the general flow of transactions, could show us where the crime is. There are already criminal cases, ”Chikhanchin said.

The final project is planned to be completed by the end of the year, he added.

Developed mechanism has received the name «Proprietary Blockchain». It will allow you to see all the operations with cryptocurrencies and to reveal those who do them. Chikhanchin assured that the service will allow you to see all operations with cryptocurrencies and to open the end of the infection. Putin also asked what a Transparent Blockchain is.

“This is just a mechanism that will allow us to see all movements with cryptocurrency, that is, attempts to hide behind cryptocurrency, because it is inaccessible, it makes it possible to hide the true beneficiary – I think it will allow us to solve the whole case,” Chikhanchin said.

The head of Rosfinmonitoring also spoke about the liquidation of Antares Limited. Earlier, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation said that it organized a financial pyramid, in which managers from Cashbury participated.

According to Chikhanchin, the company offered investments in cryptocurrencies:

“Together with colleagues from nine foreign countries, we are now identifying the beneficiaries, and the Internet resource is blocked. Now we are figuring out how much money was withdrawn, how, who, how much. «

Note that experts consider it more expedient to study existing analogs instead of creating a Russian system for tracking cryptocurrency transactions.

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