Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom … simply obtains it

If they can pass the debt to future citizens, after that they can win the ballots of present citizens. So the reward of the” “federal government is to produce inflation since it lowers the expense of loaning. You need to secure yourself in this inflationary environment.

If you re currently incredibly rich as well as you already have all these assets, then you win by default . In 2020, Forbes reported that the increase in wide range for the Forbes (wealthiest) 400 went up the highest possible in 2020 than in any type of year given that they began taping.

The reason it went up the highest possible rate is since they printed cash What is the reward for a political leader? The incentive for a politician is to obtain power as well as stay in power hellip;. exactly how are they mosting likely to try and also obtain ballots? By spending a whole number of money without taking cash from the taxpayer hellip; they pass the book in the future . This was an enjoyable one.

There are larger things in the world than cryptocurrency; more vital problems. Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom, understands that. It likewise what cryptocurrency is attempting to solve, although we aren t there yet- something he acknowledged as well as we reviewed in detail, evaluating whether it is practical to contrast to – the Internet growth or various other criteria you frequently stumble upon. Personally, I m downhearted concerning the state of the economic situation now.

The price of living crisis has actually struck normal people hard. Homes are ending up being significantly expensive- part of the “factor I left my” native Ireland as well as moved to Colombia. Politicians have gone from calling rising cost of living short-term responsible it on Putin battle, before last month moving to it a problem but it has actually come to a head as well as will certainly be controlled by the end of the 2022.

Michael is CEO of Fantom, which is one of the largest cryptocurrencies around. The episode happened just a number of hrs after the CPI analysis for June revealed inflation had actually upped again to 9.1%. Michael is a deep thinker and also has lots of remarkable sights on where he sees the prices of economic possessions going forward, why the economic situation is in difficulty, the political atmosphere, as well as the inequality void.

We likewise reviewed Fantom (clearly!). We explored what separates it from rival cryptocurrencies in regards to the validation mechanism, as well as he was refreshingly honest concerning the trade-offs that were made in prioritising appealing features such as low costs and high deal rates. Actually, the podcast remained in 2 areas: Fantom/ Blockchain technicals, as well as Macro/ Today’culture as well as economy, which I have timestamped in the summary listed below.


I think cryptocurrency typically struggles with tribalism, an argumentative and also competitive landscape where capitalists in some cases jump on each various other for liking specific coins as well as not suching as others. I really enjoyed Michael stating that Fantom was “standing on the shoulders of Ethereum titans”, large enough to give credit report to a rival coin for laying a lot of the foundation in the market.

Naturally, he believes Fantom has actually enhanced particular elements of their modern technology, which we reviewed extensive, however it behaved to listen to a goal as well as healthy point of view from him.


My preferred component was when Michael showed how in contact he was with the economic fact that numerous are dealing with. He bemoaned the fact that the money printer took cash from the bad and also placed it right into the hands of the rich so starkly during COVID, and the reality the paycheck-to-paycheck workers are paying the cost.

“This causes a massive riches transfer from the poor to the abundant. This is just one of the reasons I started entering crypto hellip; I can’ t change the political system; I’ m a single voter out of 20 million in Australia. What I can do is have influence over my very own life, as well as manage what I can control” – – Michael Kong We spoke about what one can do to safeguard themselves as the worth of fiat money remains to deteriorate, the costs of products rise and it typically ends up being a lot more challenging to live. And also why, regrettably, it is all stacked in favour of the abundant.

You have to protect on your own in this inflationary atmosphere. If you’ re already incredibly rich as well as you already have all these properties, after that you win by default. That’why in 2020, Forbes reported that the increase in wide range for the Forbes (richest) 400 rose the highest possible in 2020 than in any kind of year given that they started tape-recording. The factor it increased the highest possible price is because they published cash”. To me, it’the inequality gap expanding that is the traumatic component of all this. We saw this happen during COVID when those fortunate adequate to be able to work from residence (including myself, for the record) were reasonably immunised (pardon the pun) from the financial carnage that lockdowns triggered.

On the various other hand, those working in-person jobs such as bar team, retail, entertainers therefore many more got struck mercilessly. Those living paycheque-to-paycheque suddenly didn’ t have a paycheque, while those in your home just had to pull on a set of sweatpants and also see to it their bed wasn’ t also untidy behind-the-scenes of their Zoom telephone call.

The federal government’action basically moved wide range from the poor to the rich. Massive stimulus bundles have served to now trigger this full-blown inflation situation, further intensifying the troubles those identical paycheque-to-paycheque workers had throughout the pandemic itself.

Michael Kong gets all this. He is a CEO and certainly extremely smart, however he understands exactly how the world functions. He likewise is trying to make a difference. If you pay attention to one CoinJournal podcast, I assume it must be this – covering essential issues with a honest and smart guest was actually delightful, educations and thought-provoking. Timestamps are offered in the Spotify summary if you prefer to listen to certain sectors on Fantom/ crypto/ rising cost of living/ national politics/ the future etc.

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