Marvel artist joins blockchain art industry and sells work for $ 25k

The unique Spider-Man drawing by Marvel comic artist Adam Kubert sold for 12.75 ETH, or roughly $ 25,000 at the time of the deal.

Cobert’s artwork is one of 25 unique pieces of art to be launched as Unique Tokens (NFTs) by several Marvel artists including Dan Panosian, Matteo Scalera, Dave Johnson and Eric Kanete. NFTs will trade on Portion, a platform that allows users to create and sell rare works of art on the Ethereum blockchain.

By tradition, let’s start with an explanation. Blockchain-based art is represented by the work of artists on a variety of topics – and it can be both ordinary pictures and digital animations. The key feature is that each of these works is assigned a unique NFT token in the Ethereum blockchain. That is, we are talking about a separate cryptocurrency of the ETH type, but in this case it is unique and non-fungible.

Linking jobs to tokens provides an important advantage: the true owner of a particular job can easily prove that he owns it. In addition, blockchains are transparent, which means there should be no problems with theft. As well as with fakes – which are quite common in traditional art.

Blockchain art is becoming more and more popular every month – both among artists and collectors. For example, last week it became known about the debut of digital work at the world famous Christie’s auction. And this is clearly just the beginning for the whole industry.

Another step in the development of blockchain art

Here is a quote from the official announcement of Portion, in which representatives of the platform voiced their attitude to what is happening. The replica is provided by Cointelegraph.

We would like to announce that professional Marvel artists have decided to make Portion their home and will release approximately 25 unique Marvel art pieces on the platform. The first wave of artists – Dan Panosian, Matteo Scalera, Dave Johnson, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert and Eric Kanete.

That is, the creators of the platform are proud of the big names that join it. Equally important here, however, is that in general, well-known artists are slowly beginning to recognize the potential of digital art that is powered by blockchain. This means that the prospects for Ethereum and other popular blockchains are much wider than it seems.

NFT figure spiderman

Drawing by Kubert on the Portions platform

Some of the NFTs have additional bonuses for potential buyers, such as original physical artboards and autographed comics. On the same day, Portion announced a new partnership with the rare comic and art center Essential Sequential. The platform’s management believes that the hype around the so-called NFT tokens and digital art will only intensify in the coming years. Here is his line.

Here you can find original art, books, prints and more from some of the most recognizable names in the industry. We are confident that over time, our platform will become a fusion of iconic art and digital permanence.

Digital permanence is one of the main properties of the blockchain – resilience to change. In other words, thanks to decentralization, the owners of digital works get the right to own a unique object that exists in both the digital and physical worlds in a single copy.

We believe that the activeness of renowned artists confirms the broad perspectives of blockchain technology and digital art in general. Obviously, the creators like the high security of creativity from scammers who would like to earn extra money on fakes. Fortunately, the likelihood of this here is almost zero – as well as the possibility of stealing someone’s work.

Hopefully, over time, more and more people will support this trend. Well, in the future, digital art collections will not cause surprise and misunderstanding.

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