Bitcoin price has set a historical maximum exceeding $ 60,000

The first cryptocurrency renewed its all-time high, breaking the $ 60,000 mark. The jump in the BTC price to new heights was accompanied by a surge in torgov volumes .

On the largest crypto exchange Binance, paired with the stablecoin USDT, the price of bitcoin managed to reach a maximum at around $ 60,200. The market capitalization of BTC is $ 1.11 trillion, the dominance index is 60.4%.

The rise of digital gold has revitalized the broader market. This is how the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap ranking looks like at the time of writing:

Rafael Schulze-Kraft, co-founder and CTO of Glassnode, reported that short positions in Bitcoin futures worth $ 100 million were liquidated in 10 minutes.

Rates of TOP-10 cryptocurrencies for March 13, 2021

He also advised the community not to bet against the first cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the head of the cryptocurrency exchange, Jesse Powell, expressed the opinion that the bitcoin rate will reach $ 1 million within 10 years.

In February, Elon Musk joined a flash mob referring to Bitcoin for $ 100,000 by installing an image of an anime girl with glowing red eyes on his Twitter profile and the logo of the first cryptocurrency in the background.

Binance Pay launched – a crypto payment service from the largest cryptocurrency exchange

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched a contactless crypto payment service Binance Pay, which allows users to pay, send and receive crypto payments around the world.

Borderless payments from user to user

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said Binance Pay is another step towards the future of crypto payments.

“Traditional payment infrastructure services are riddled with high transaction fees. We see this payment product as a solution to one of the many problems and limitations of traditional finance. Finance is the direction that is really moving towards the digital world, and cryptography is at the heart of these changes , ”commented CZ.

In February last year, Binance released a beta version of Binance Pay exclusively for peer-to-peer payments. At this time, about 250,000 users were testing the service’s capabilities. Today Binance Pay is available for both peer-to-peer payments and trade transactions.

Today the payment service supports 30 types of cryptocurrencies. The first participant in the Binance Pay payment system was the Travala.com company, which offers users more than 3 million travel products around the world. Due to the overwhelming response to Binance Pay Merchant services, the service is currently available on a first come, first served basis.

Crypto payments are becoming mainstream

Even last year, experts assured that crypto payments would become as commonplace as payments with cards or electronic money. And the reason for this will be the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies against the backdrop of a complex and expensive traditional payment system.

This is the conclusion made by experts from Wirex and the Stellar Development Foundation based on the results of a joint study. According to the findings, the growing need for cross-border financial transactions and user dissatisfaction with existing mainstream solutions can stimulate massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.

And PayPal CEO Dan Shulman is confident that cryptocurrency payments will become part of the global financial system.

“I think if we can create a new financial system based on modern technology, which is faster, cheaper, more efficient, we can increase financial inclusion, reduce the cost of making payments and, ultimately, improve the financial situation of many people […] So that in the long term I am very optimistic about all digital currencies , ”said Shulman.

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