«Berlin» hard fork on Ethereum blockchain will take place on April 14, 2021

Several Ethereum developers have confirmed the target date for the Berlin hard fork, which is set for April 14th. As Afri Shoden tweeted and confirmed by Tim Beiko, Berlin will be activated at the OxBAD420 block level.

Berlin (Berlin) - this is a firmware update for Ethereum 1.0

Berlin is an update on top of Ethereum 1.0 that brings improvements to its operation. At the same time, Ethereum developers continue to develop Beacon Chain, Ethereum 2.0 blockchain based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

5 clients are already ready for implementation – Geth, Besu, Nethermind, EthereumJS and OpenEthereum. As shown in the image below, customers have merged a code that includes EIP-2565, 2315, 2929, 2718, 2930. The last two sentences did not include only EthereumJS.

“Nice update on the preparedness checklist. Look at this green sea. «

JUpdating the ETH Readiness Checklist

These proposals will determine the cost of gas ModExp (EIP-2565), they will introduce 3 opcodes to support new routines in the Ethereum virtual machine (EIP-2315), they will increase the cost of gas to access the state in opcodes (EIP-2929), determine a new transaction type to support a new type of ETH transactions in the future (2718) and will add a transaction type with access list, address list and keystore.

Following Berlin’s activation in July, the EIP-1559 update is expected to be activated, changing the Ethereum fee model. The Ethereum community has high hopes for the EIP, as network congestion has led to a sharp rise in fees and frustration among numerous users. Some projects have been forced to migrate to other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain.

In the latest EIP-1559 progress report, Tim Beiko explained that the proposal has been updated to be compatible with Berlin. However, Ethereum miners still face some resistance over this proposal, as they will lose quite a lot of money due to burning fees.

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