Paris Hilton Supports Bitcoin and NFT Tokens

Paris Hilton said bitcoin has great potential. According to her, she is very interested in two aspects of the cryptocurrency sphere – Bitcoin and NFT tokens. It is noteworthy that she answered in the affirmative when asked about her involvement in bitcoin over a period of time.

The heiress of a famous business empire spoke about her attitude to the cryptosphere.

On Twitter, members of this social network found another confirmation of Paris’ interest in bitcoin, having discovered how she changed the title photo on her page on this social media.

In addition, she retweeted a post with a photo from a meeting with renowned cryptocurrency influencer, analyst and investor Max Kaiser.

The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels, noticed that she has always strived to be an innovator, which is why she launched her first NFT last March and received the NFT Charity Award.

Paris stressed that she has noticed how over the past two months, NFTs have become especially popular. In a tweet on April 3, she says that she “likes to be an innovator and to be one step ahead” – this is how she commented on the post of expert Joseph Young, who mentioned that Paris “has been releasing NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain since 2020”.

Paris’s interest in the cryptosphere was supported by the head of MicroStrategy, Michael Sailor, whose organization has accumulated more than 91 thousand bitcoins on its balance sheet. Cryptocurrency expert Jimmy Song also supported the heiress of the famous business empire, highlighting the importance of the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Ark Invest report: within a few years, the price of BTC will rise 10 times and bypass gold

In the expert environment, many «bitcoin bulls» periodically declare that in the future the largest digital currency will be able to bypass gold in terms of capitalization. In this case, the value of all bitcoins must exceed the $ 10 trillion mark.

The report from Ark Invest also says that the capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) in the medium term will indeed exceed the total cost of gold.

The authors of the study emphasized that over the next few years, the capitalization of bitcoin, which is now just over $ 1 trillion, will increase tenfold.

Senior Analyst at Ark Invest Yasin Elmanjra said:

“If you look at gold as a $ 10 trillion market cap, then bitcoin is only 10% of that amount. However, we believe that bitcoin is better than this [gold] and it is safe to say that bitcoin will capture a share of the gold market or even more. «

The same expert commented on the recent speech of the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, during which she criticized bitcoin.

Elmanjra said that the head of the Ministry of Finance used outdated arguments when she said that criminals are using cryptocurrencies for money laundering.

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