Marvel will release its own series of unique NFT tokens

Marvel Entertainment has announced the launch of its first series of unique superhero-themed tokens. The collection will be available for purchase through the VeVe Digital Collectibles app later this year.

The startup is already partnering with DC Comics, and fans can purchase digital unique versions of superheroes like Batman and Superman. Unfortunately, Marvel has not yet revealed the images of the announced collection.

Let’s start with an explanation. NFTs are unique tokens in different blockchains like Ethereum, Solana or Avalanche. With the help of cryptography, they are associated with a specific object in real or virtual form, which guarantees its uniqueness. Since it is impossible to change the data in the blockchain, the owner of the token can claim his full ownership of a certain piece of art.

What is especially important, the information in such networks is open, which means that you can confirm the fact of owning a drawing, song or something like that even without revealing your identity. And this is significantly better than conventional art collecting, which is more likely to attract unnecessary attention from burglars.

And although the local peak in popularity of NFT fell on the spring of 2021, now they are again actively talking about it. This means that in the future, we can expect an increase in the trend and the release of new works from celebrities.

Who sells NFT tokens

NFT tokens from Marvel will be tied to digital comics and virtual 3D figurines that can be admired in virtual or augmented reality. That being said, digital goods for DC Comics fans are sold in the same form, Decrypt reports . In addition to the aforementioned brands, VeVe also distributes NFTs from Adventure Time, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, and Ghostbusters.

Collectible digital 3D models from the DC Universe are available in the VeVe app from the end of 2020. To date, over 580,000 NFTs have been sold through this platform with a total user base of over 340,000. App users can also resell their purchased NFTs directly in Veve.

As a reminder, the industry of unique tokens experienced the largest upsurge in its relatively short history at the beginning of this year. In the first quarter alone, the volume of transactions in NFT exceeded the $ 1.5 billion mark on various trading platforms. The sale of EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS by artist Beeple attracted a lot of attention – at Christie’s it was estimated at 69.3 million dollars .

We checked the current data: the trading volumes of NFT tokens have stabilized in recent weeks and started to grow. Over the past week, the figure is equivalent to $ 46 million.

nft trading volume

NFT token trading volumes

The number of transactions related to NFT has also started to increase.

nft cryptocurrency transfers

NFT transaction volume

The growing popularity of the niche is also facilitated by the Binance exchange, which launched a trading platform for NFT the day before . The PR of the platform also takes place through collaboration with celebrities.

binance nft trading platform

Binance NFT Platform

Another sign of renewed interest in NFT is the auction of a unique token from American artist Jay-Z, tied to a digital artwork «Heir to the Throne» based on his debut album «Reasonable Doubt». The album turns 25 this year, and thus this date will be the perfect occasion for the release of NFT with great interest to collectors.

Jay-z rap artist

Rapper Jay-z

As you can see, the surge in popularity of NFT at the beginning of this year may receive a second wave of growth in the near future. As soon as the situation in the crypto market stabilizes and the price of Bitcoin rises again, the concept of unique tokens will again attract public attention. In fact, this attention is already focused on NFT, because now even such famous artists as Jay-Z are speculating on this topic.

We believe that the NFT token industry will still show itself. In contrast to short-term trends, the niche really improves the art collecting industry and allows more people to join. Most importantly, it is redefining digital property rights and leveraging the blockchain and cryptography nexus in a whole new way. Therefore, in the future, the popularity of NFT will clearly increase.

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