Half Cams and Why They May Be the New CryptoKitties for the Cryptocurrency Growth Phase

CryptoKitties is one of the main bull run trends in the cryptocurrency market in 2017, along with ICOs. Cryptokitties became the first massive NFT project in which it was necessary to feed and breed pets in order to obtain offspring.

And since the animals were unique, they sometimes offered a lot of money. Now history is repeating itself, only the place of kittens was taken by half cams.

We tell you about the new project in more detail and explain the reasons for the hype around it.

What are NFT tokens

To begin with, let’s clarify that crypto kittens and half cams are NFT tokens that have become one of the main trends in the blockchain industry this year. In fact, these are ordinary animated images tied to tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each such token – it has the ERC-721 format – is unique, and its owner is displayed in a transparent and immutable blockchain.

It was the combination of blockchain transparency and token uniqueness that made NFT a hit. Now, in the form of NFTs, stars release songs, and publications sell magazine covers. And this is in demand, since the collectible component of such tokens and the ability to own something unique attracts people.

What is Polkamon

Polkamons is a trending NFT project that has garnered a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts over the past few weeks. It is based on cute animated animals, which are called that.

The concept of a universe with “very rare digital monsters” was presented on March 19, 2021 in a separate publication on Medium. The article got 2.6 thousand so-called claps on the platform, that is, it was popular.

The potential of the project became evident on March 23, when the developers announced strategic investors. The list includes the world famous funds Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures. And the amount of funds raised amounted to 740 thousand dollars.

Investors Polcamon

Polkamon Investors

Now about the half-monks themselves. Animals differ from each other in different ways. First of all, it is the type itself. Users can drop a dragon, the so-called unikl, unibranch, unidonki, uniaqua and other creatures.

Between themselves, they differ in color, horn and the presence of radiance around the character. The latter feature falls out about one hundred times – and this makes the animal much more valuable.

In the end, it all comes down to combinations of rare parameters. For example, you can have a black unidragon with a shine – which is expensive by default.

polkamon types

Various shelves

Also among the existing types of polkamons there are unique ones. The most popular of these is the Bitcoin Dragon with a limited supply and incredible rarity. It was put up for sale for 75 ETH, and even wrote about it on Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance half a cam

Yahoo Finance article on Polkamon

Пока таких Биткоин-драконов нашли всего 52 раза.

Polkamon dragon

Bitcoin Dragon by Polkamon

So the developers decided to use the hype around NFT tokens, the huge popularity around the Pokemon cards and the attention of people to the cryptocurrency industry, which has shown excellent growth over the past months.

How Polkamon was launched

At the center of the Polkamonov universe is the $ PMON token. He gives the right to interact with the project network and receive unique animals.

The developers launched the cryptocurrency in the IDO format, that is, the initial placement on a decentralized exchange. The declared price of the token during listing is $ 0.4.

Since even Forbes wrote about the Polkamons, the interest in the project was incredible. However, the number of seats at the preliminary stage was limited, so the developers involved the game component. Anyone wishing to get a chance to buy PMON at a low price had to “apply” for an egg, that is, in fact, to buy a lottery ticket. In this case, it was a simple interaction with a smart contract, and the transactions cost about $ 11.

This is what the notification looked like that the “application” for the egg was successfully submitted.

pmon ido

Submitted «application» for participation in the IDO Polkamon

The winners received unique dragons – they are displayed below – along with the opportunity to participate in the PMON IDO token. Also, some users were presented with eggs as a consolation prize.

Polkamon dragon

Unique dragons Polkamon

The number of seats at the preliminary stage of sales was only 180 units. At the same time, 111 thousand people applied for a day before the end of the drawing. So the chances of being among the lucky ones were negligible.

Immediately after the IDO, the PMON token was added to Uniswap. Alas, it was impossible to buy it up to a dollar: bots bought PMON in the first second after listing for 600 thousand dollars, because of which the rate of the cryptocurrency immediately jumped above 2 dollars. This was followed by an increase to $ 80 and a collapse to $ 20.

The next day, against the backdrop of the appearance of PMON on various exchanges, the rate also increased to $ 50-60. Today the coin is offered for $ 37.

polkamon timeline

Polkamon PMON price chart all time

How to get half a camon

To get half a mon, you need PMON tokens and a Metamask wallet. Each of them allows you to open one so-called booster pack and get up to three half cams.

At first, the project’s website did not work well: booster packs opened for three hours, and it was simply impossible to crush half cams – that is, to make a full-fledged NFT token out of them and get it into your wallet.

This is how the booster loading looked. In this case, it lasted over an hour.

half a cammon booster

Booster loading at Polkamon

And although users complained about the loss of half cams, everything went smoothly for us. In fact, it was important to carry out a transaction in the blockchain, and the animals were «credited» already retroactively.

Now the problems with obtaining polkamons seem to have been eliminated. In addition, the opening of the booster is accompanied by beautiful animation.

booster half a camon

Booster opening animation

For the opening of four boosters for 4 PMON, we received such animals.


Received half camons

How much does it cost to get half cams

The project runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which is quite expensive now. Therefore, you need to pay a lot for interacting with the Polkamon smart contract.

Here are the prices we got.

  • approval to use PMON on the platform – $ 15;
  • booster opening – $ 40-55;
  • minting half a camon in the ERC721 token – $ 42.

And that is not all. If you want to try to sell a mined token on the OpenSea NFT platform, you will have to pay about $ 100 to register and $ 11 to allow the platform to spend your tokens.

Listing half camons will be free in the future. However, if you want to remove the ad from sale – for example, to raise the price – you will have to conduct a transaction for about $ 40. You can lower the price of the token for free.

All prices indicated are subject to change depending on the load on the Ethereum network and the cost of ETH. The OpenSea platform also charges 2.5 percent for every sale.

Do Polkamonov buy

It is not cheap to open, mine and sell half cams, but it can pay off. For example, a fairly rare monster fell out to my friend – and he was bought for 0.45 ETH, or about $ 900. As a result, all expenses paid off, and several hundred dollars became pure profit.

You can check the rarity of your half-camon here. To do this, it is enough to enter the unique ID of the animal, which is displayed on the site.

For example, this turtle with a relatively rare color, horn and gloss in addition takes the 141st place out of 9698 crushed polkamons. So they will pay a lot for it.

It is important to note here that the main product for the Polkamon has not yet been presented. Next, we are waiting for the arena for battles in which uniqueness will play a key role, different interactions with animals, their development, new generations and active trading. Therefore, the current purchases of polkamons for relatively large sums of money prove the great prospects of the project .

In addition, later we will be able to convert uninteresting half-camons into PMON token with a small commission, cryptocurrency staking and support for projects in different blockchains.

The day before, the Polkamon developers announced a collaboration with Elrond, thanks to which the project will start working on this network by the third quarter of 2021. In honor of the event, they made a unique dragon, the chance of which was only 0.002 percent. An hour and a half later, it went to an animal lover who put the dragon up for sale for 100 ethers.

However, so far no buyer has been found at that price.

Why Polkamonov will be successful

Polkamon uses a combination of the popular NFT concept, collecting cute animals and the power of blockchain. The project has serious investors and partners, as well as big plans, some of which are already being gradually implemented.

As we found out in 2017, users are willing to pay for and play with unique animals. And if the arena for battles and other features of the project are implemented with the taste inherent in the team, there will be no room for doubts about the prospects of polkamons.

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