BitMart Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With API: $ 30,000 Giveaway Promotions

BitMart , a leading global digital asset trading platform, is hosting various cryptocurrency promotion events in March to celebrate its third anniversary.

The prize pool is quite extensive – just 5 bitcoins, including a registration bonus, API user rewards, Twitter giveaway, Telegram giveaway, daily fee thefts, BitMart (BMX) token trading rewards and numerous project promotions that will last until March 18, 2021.

“Looking back from 2018, we are rapidly and steadily evolving from a newborn exchange to the leading global digital asset trading platform. We are dedicated to creating the most secure and professional crypto trading platform with our consistent pursuit of excellence. To truly thank our valued user for supporting us throughout the journey, we have prepared an anniversary gift bag to treat all BitMartians , ”said Sheldon Xia, CEO and Founder of BitMart.

API User Awards

Users trading on BitMart Spot through an API connection will have a chance of winning $ 100 worth of gift cards. Users who invite their friends to use the API tool can also receive a 15 USDT bonus for each matching link. The total prize fund reaches $ 30,000.

There are many benefits to using the BitMart API. It’s secure, open and easy to use with low fees and 24/7 customer support.

BitMart API Feature 1: Security

The BitMart API platform ensures the safety of users’ assets and their trading experience. Over the past three years, BitMart has secured over 2 million users’ digital assets and their trading experiences. By applying advanced anti-fraud blockchain technology backed by its strategic partners around the world, BitMart can provide a hacker-resistant, stable and reliable API system for its users around the world.

BitMart users can create API keys with extended read / write permissions for each function to keep assets safe. The enhanced BitMart API trading system is backed by DDOS protection, automatic database backups, and secure SSL protection. It uses automatic protection against distributed denial of service attacks to protect the user’s assets. The system automatically backs up all data in the database every few minutes.

BitMart API Feature 2: Flexible and Human-Friendly

A good product experience is essential for API users. The API platform interface should be simple and easy to use. BitMart has always prioritized user experience and put people first. Its API product team ensures a smooth platform trading experience. The team regularly optimizes their open source API platform to better serve user needs.

The BitMart API service uses the WebSocket protocol, which allows users to receive market data in real time using various programming languages ​​such as Go, Python, Java, PHP, etc. Without delaying market information, users can make their best trading decision. They can also use multiple methods to query the market, trade and withdraw their digital assets based on different scenarios and preferences.

BitMart API 3 Feature: Low Commissions

BitMart is committed to providing excellent API management services at a low cost – well below most of their competitors. Lifetime VIP Membership offers trading commission rates from 0.06% with 24/7 tech support and 1v1 Key Account Manager.

The BitMart API Club on Telegram hosts various promotional events that are open exclusively to BitMart API users. Apply for a VIP membership now.

In addition, BitMart’s 24/7 Telegram service ensures that you receive security updates such as system updates, scam and phishing website reminders, and tips to protect against crypto scams.

3rd Anniversary BitMart

During its 3rd anniversary of the promotion, BitMart is hosting six cryptocurrencies trading competitions including BMX, Woodtrade, Litecoin, SUSHI, Serum and Matic from SushiSwaps. The users with the highest trading volume in each competition will split a total of $ 110,000 in prize money, and the winners in the BMX trading competition will receive a reward of USD 85,000.

In addition, other promotions are taking place around. New users will be able to receive a reward of 100 BMX (about $ 4). Those who participate in the BitMart community events on Twitter and Telegram can also win free coins. Meanwhile, BitMart offers 0% trading fees and a net deposit bonus for 10 popular coins including Stellar, Cardano, Dogecoin, XRP, Polkadot’s DOT, Tron, Reserve Rights, Polkastarter, ETH, and BTC.

About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a leading global digital asset trading platform with over 2.1 million users worldwide and is ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

BitMart currently offers over 365 trading pairs with some of the lowest trading fees on the market. To find out more about BitMart, visit the website, follow his Twitter or join his Telegram for more updates, news and promotions. Download the BitMart app to trade anytime, anywhere.

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