Bitcoin is mentioned in new TV show from Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the new show of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the streaming platform Disney + called «The Falcon and the Winter Soldier», they found an interesting Easter egg.

In the third episode, titled “Power Broker,” one of the characters receives a text message that reads, “Selby is dead. REWARD of 1000 BTC for her killers. » Note that the show itself was in production even before the start of the current stage of cryptocurrency growth, and at today’s exchange rate, a thousand BTC is equal to approximately 57 million US dollars.

By tradition, let’s start with an important clarification. The Bitcoin network has been operating since 2009, while Ethereum has only been around for less than six years. That is, the blockchain asset industry is still young, and many people are unaware of how coins work on the blockchain. Therefore, every appearance and mention of cryptocurrencies in popular TV shows and programs makes them closer to worldwide fame.

In general, even approving remarks from celebrities are enough to spread information about coins. As we know, people often follow the recommendations of the stars, so their passion for a new direction in the world of finance is also beneficial. In addition, everyone has already become convinced of the potential of the influence of the same Elon Musk on the behavior of some coins .

At the same time, blockchain assets are gradually penetrating popular culture. For example, in February 2020, the principle of cryptocurrencies and blockchain was highlighted in the «Simpsons» series. In it, the creators of the animated series also made it clear that they allegedly knew the identity of the creator of the cryptocurrency.

And about Satoshi Nakamoto himself, they promised to shoot a film last June. As employees of the British company Substantial Films reported, the picture will be called «Decrypted», and the Bitcoin developer will be actively tortured in it.

That is why the mention of Bitcoin in the new series is so significant.

Mention of cryptocurrencies in art

A reference to digital assets was noticed by a Reddit user under the nickname Okitraz1986. He also posted a still from the show on the r / Bitcoin channel with the following quote.

I think this is cool, I will share with you. Keep in mind that this was much cooler than when I hit the cryptocurrency niche five years ago. It’s still nice to see us moving towards the cultural moments of digital asset adoption.

That is, the author of the publication is also sure that the appearance of cryptocurrency in such a show will help make it more popular. Still, many people have probably heard about the record growth of BTC to 60 thousand, which is more than three times ahead of the previous record. And this will be an extra reminder to contact the coin.

Bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrency

The same frame with a reward of 1000 BTC

Unfortunately, in the series, Bitcoin is associated with the currency of criminals, which is very popular in the underground business. This means that it seems that in the MCU, BTC has not yet reached its current stage of development and is not considered by large companies as a good vehicle for investment, reports Cointelegraph .

Over the years, Bitcoin has found it difficult to shake off its ties to the underworld despite its growing legitimacy as a store of value similar to gold. At the same time, people who support the version that cryptocurrencies are supposedly used exclusively by criminals are missing an important fact. The fact is that the BTC blockchain is completely transparent, which means that anyone can view the list of transactions from a specific address and see all the amounts. Criminals usually don’t like this.

In general, BTC is already considered as a profitable investment by many companies, funds and even government organizations. And this is good, because in the eyes of the public, Bitcoin is gradually ceasing to be considered only a “currency of fraudsters” , useless for any other type of activity, except for financing crime and money laundering.

We think that the appearance of cryptocurrency in the series is good, but with the reputation of Bitcoin as a tool for criminals, it is time to end. The coin itself and other blockchain assets are changing the world for the better, because thanks to them, a lot of convenient decentralized services appear. And although in 2011 in the Silk Road darknet store, the cryptocurrency was really massively used to purchase prohibited substances, now BTC is listed in Tesla’s investment portfolio. And this is a completely different attitude.

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