Binance exchange raffles 1,000,000 rubles for Russian-speaking users

Specially for the Russian-speaking users of the blockchain ecosystem, representatives of the Binance crypto exchange decided to hold another drawing of valuable prizes. This time, users will be able to win over 1 million rubles for trading in pairs with RUB.

The event was organized to mark the opening of a new ADA / RUB trading pair  on the platform. Users of the Russian-speaking audience will be able to participate in quizzes and prize draws at https://binance.com.

What contests and promotions will be held

The event will take place from  March 23 to April 5, 2021, with a start and finish scheduled at 3:00 Moscow time. All users who have registered before April 3 will be able to participate in the prize draw. In total, during the event, more than 1 million rubles will be drawn, as well as items with company logos and iPhone 12.

To join the competition program, users just need to register on the https://binance.com platform and fill out this Google form, as well as trade in a pair with RUB. In total, company representatives will conduct three promotions with various awards for users.

Promotion A

During the promotional activity, 455 thousand rubles will be drawn between the participants, as well as things with company logos. The list of winners will be compiled based on the trade volume indicators in RUB pairs. The first 100 participants will receive the following rewards:

  1. For the first place, an award of 75,000 rubles was assigned  , as well as a backpack.
  2. The second place will be taken by  50 thousand rubles  and a hoodie.
  3. The user in third place will receive  35,000 rubles  and a T-shirt.
  4. Participants in 4th and 5th places will receive  25  and  20 thousand rubles,  respectively.
  5. Users in 6-10 places will share  55 thousand rubles .
  6. Participants who took from 11 to 20 places will share the prize fund in the amount of  75,000 rubles .
  7. Participants in 21-100 places will receive  1,500 rubles .

Promotion B

Every day during the period of the event, 5 winners will be determined, each of whom will receive 3200 rubles for participating in the quiz. In total, during the promotional period, 224,000 rubles will be drawn, the prize fund will be divided equally by 70 winners.

Promotion C

All participants who complete the registration procedure, as well as reach a trading volume of at least $ 1,000, will be able to receive additional prizes. A prize fund of 250 thousand rubles will be divided between users. In addition, users with at least $ 1,500 trade volume will be able to qualify for the iPhone 12.

If you want to get acquainted with the details of the competition program, you should visit the official Binance website https://binance.com/.

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