Binance crypto exchange raffles off NFT tokens and cash prizes, promotion conditions

The Binance exchange decided to organize a competition in which users can win valuable prizes for collecting the logos of rare non-fungible NFT tokens .

The promotion runs from March 25 to April 5, 2021. The start and end of the competition will take place at 03:00 Moscow time. Users will need to collect five unique NFT logos to win valuable prizes.

To get started, users need to register on the https://binance.com exchange and achieve trading volume indicators of at least 100 USDT  when trading in pairs with USDT. After reaching the specified amount, the user just needs to visit the official promo activity page   to get one of five unique logos.

Opportunity to win valuable prizes

During the event, users will need to collect all five logos to participate in the draw. Once the logos are unlocked, the participant will be able to unlock the final logo to complete the collection.

promo activity page

Contestants who meet all the conditions will have the opportunity to win a portion of the prize pool in the amount of 2,500 USDT.

What prizes are provided as part of the event

Representatives of the company have developed a reward system especially for users:

  • The 10 winners will share a prize pool of  2,500 USDT. In addition, each of the ten winners will receive 1 unique Yacht token .
  • All qualified users will have the opportunity to compete for a prize pool of  2,500 USDT. This prize will not be awarded to participants included in the list of 10 winners.

What do you need to do to get the missing logos?

Users of the blockchain ecosystem can get more logos, for this it is enough to comply with the following conditions:

  • It is necessary to take an active part in trading in pairs with USDT. The more orders from 100 USDT, the more logos.
  • Users can share logos in special groups that are created on social networks. Thanks to the exchange, participants will be able to quickly collect the necessary logos to win.

Microsoft Creates ION Identity Verification Technology On Bitcoin Blockchain

Microsoft is launching a platform that can authenticate individuals using the Bitcoin blockchain. The tech giant says v1 of the ION’s decentralized identity network is finally complete and operational.

ION is a level 2 decentralized technology for decentralized identifiers that can verify the identity of a person or any entity without relying on third parties – trusted validators and centralized entities.

This technology can be used to securely access resources, sign and verify credentials, regardless of usernames, passwords and phone numbers to verify identity.

“Unlike traditional usernames and email addresses, decentralized identifiers are owned and controlled by the organization itself (be it a person, device, or company) and exist independently of any external organization or trusted intermediary. Without them, you cannot have a dynamic, interoperable decentralized ecosystem of identities and applications. ”

ION relies on a node system in which the network gains strength as the number of users increases. It is an open and permissionless system.

«We have deployed an ION node in our production infrastructure and are working with other companies and organizations to replicate this … Since ION is an open system with no access rights, anyone can run a node, and the more nodes are running, the stronger the network becomes.»

ION leverages the security of a digital ledger, but focuses on the confirmation and authentication of digital identities rather than transactions.

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