John McAfee Dismissed by Skycoin for Tweets About Whale Copulating

The other day, John McAfee tweeted that he stops his collaboration with the Skycoin project, concealing the reason for this; now the Skycoin team clarifies it

The notorious crypto supporter John McAfee stops working as an advisor with the Skycoin crypto platform as he reported the other day in Twitter. He wrote that those who wish to know the reason should send him a direct message.

However, a rep of the Skycoin team has made it clear that the company decided to break the cooperation with McAfee due to his Twitter posts regarding ‘whale fucking’ as he put it – an abuse that has become popular in New Zealand regarding humpback whales.

Skycoin shows McAfee to the door

After the announcement McAfee made in the social media, Skycoin investors were surprised and started asking him in the comments about the reasons for this move.

Many reminded the crypto bull about the Skycoin tattoo he had made to which he replied that this would be a good reminder to be careful of working for scam projects.

The Skycoin community in Twitter also made a statement, explaining their choice to reject further McAfee’s services. This proved to be his comments about sexual intercourse with whales that he made back in December 2018 most likely as a joke or just to sound provocative in order to attract public attention. The Skycoin team took it seriously, though.

John McAfee Dismissed by Skycoin for Tweets About Whale Copulating

Is McAfee too controversial to be associated with?

Skycoin is not the only crypto project John McAfee has worked with. Last year in autumn, he also joined the Apollo project as chairman.

John McAfee Dismissed by Skycoin for Tweets About Whale Copulating

In the summer of 2018, he also promoted many coins on his Twitter account and made one of them – Docademic coin (MTC) – sort of his favourite, even suing the HitBTC exchange for setting limits to MTC trading and high withdrawal fees.

However, Skycoin seems to be the first company that decided to stay away from the ‘crypto baron’. Judging by comments of other Skycoin team members, it seems that the company is afraid to be harmed by McAfee’s controversial reputation.

In particular, they openly referred to McAfee using drugs in earlier years of his life. His comments about whales on top of that made them dismiss him as an advisor.

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