FBI Agent Under Investigation For Accidental Shooting At Club

An FBI Agent is under investigation for an apparently accidental, overnight shooting in LoDo which left an innocent man injured.

Two law enforcement sources told CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass the federal agent, who was off-duty, was dancing at the Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Room near 22nd Avenue and Lawrence Street, when his gun fell out of his holster.

When he picked up the weapon, sources say it discharged, and the round struck another man in the leg. The injury is not life threatening.

It’s unclear if the FBI agent had been drinking, but one law enforcement contact told CBS4 the agent was not arrested, and authorities are awaiting results of blood tests to determine if alcohol was a factor. They are also reviewing videotape of the incident.

Denver police say they responded to the shots call report and took the agent to DPD headquarters where he was released to an FBI supervisor.

The story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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