Denver City Council Will Not Grant Request To Investigate Mayor

DENVER – Late Monday night, the Denver City Council released a statement about its decision not to investigate Mayor Michael Hancock.

mayor text messages 10pkg transfer frame 30 Denver City Council Will Not Grant Request To Investigate Mayor

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. (credit: CBS)

In February, Hancock admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to a member of security detail six years ago.

That police detective, Leslie Branch-Wise, requested an investigation into Hancock which prompted the city council to meet in executive session twice about the matter

“If the City Council wants to run an investigation we will cooperate, we have always said that from day one”, said Mayor Hancock in March.

Late Monday night, the city council released this statement:

“Detective Leslie Branch-Wise requested the Denver City Council to publicly investigate whether Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s texts to her six years ago constituted sexual harassment.  Each Council Member agrees that Mayor Hancock’s conduct was unacceptable. Tonight, based on extensive additional legal advice, Council is unable to grant Detective Branch-Wise’s request for an investigation.

Since we are not the judicial branch, we are unable to make a legal conclusion about the Mayor’s conduct and there are no disputed facts. In 2013, Detective Branch-Wise waived any opportunity to pursue the legal process where these types of legal conclusions are typically made. Furthermore, the request for an open investigation would be problematic under state law confidentiality requirements. 

Council is deeply concerned that there is not a process to make a complaint against a Denver elected official for sexual harassment. Council will lead by example and adopt a clear policy and process for reporting and investigating complaints against a Council Member. We call on the Mayor to follow suit and adopt consistent policies to meet the community’s demand for accountability. Our attorney will communicate with Detective Branch-Wise’s attorney on this matter.”

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