BitcoinMarket – review of the service for monitoring cryptocurrency exchangers

Almost everyone who is in one way or another connected with making money on the Internet has to change currency from time to time in various directions (from the same AdvCash, Perfect Money or Payeer wallets this is the easiest way to withdraw funds to a bank card).

It is also very convenient to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through exchange offices, yes, there are crypto-exchanges, but many of them already need identity verification, and this is not suitable for everyone, plus it obliges you to pay taxes.

The network has the largest variety of different crypto exchanges, both good and scam.

And here the monitoring of exchangers comes to the rescue, which monitors the work of each exchange office that is under observation, responds to complaints, collects reviews.

Service interface

Going to the monitoring site https://bitcoinmarket.global, you see an intuitive home page that is divided into two blocks. Registration on the site is not required, but we recommend that you go through it, it will take no more than a minute, but it will allow you to leave reviews about exchangers, see the history of your transactions, and also order cashback (more on this below).

BitcoinMarket service interface

In the left block, we select the exchange directions that are conveniently grouped (cryptocurrencies, electronic wallets, Internet banking, crypto exchange codes and even cash). The left column is what we are changing; the right column – what are we changing. For example, we have chosen the Perfect Money direction to Sberbank (rubles).

Exchange directions

And in the right block, a list of all exchange offices ready to perform an operation in the selected direction, ranked by the profitability of the rate from top to bottom, is immediately displayed.

Here we see the name of the exchanger; slightly to the right of the feature name (icons that you can hover over); the minimum amount for which you can make an exchange; reserve; and feedback from monitoring users about a specific exchange office (we recommend that you always pay attention to them).

list of all exchange offices

Using the list, we select the exchange point that suits you, click on the name – we get to its website, where we make the exchange, following the simplest instructions.

Benefits and features of BitcoinMarket

The first plus of BitcoinMarket, which immediately caught our eye, is simply a colossal number of exchange directions: a huge number of cryptocurrencies, electronic payment systems (there is also the same ePayCore that positions itself as a new fiat payment for HYIPs) and banks. It seems that you want to change for whatever, you can find a suitable option here).

The second interesting and beneficial feature of BitcoinMarket is the ability to get cashback for a completed exchange. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration on the monitoring website and, after completing the exchange, form a request for cashback in your personal account. The size depends on the exchange office through which you made the exchange and varies from 0.1 to 1%.

Cashback at BitcoinMarket

The service also has an affiliate program that allows you to receive 0.1% of the exchange amount for a user who makes an exchange and receives a cashback. If you have your own website, blog, monitoring, you can use this program to generate additional income.

What do we end up with?

BitcoinMarket is a developing and very useful service that has 2 clear advantages over similar ones:

  1. A huge number of exchange directions.
  2. The ability to receive cashback for completed transactions.

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