Memblaze Launches New PBlaze5 Series NVMe SSDs

Beijing Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. newly released high-performance PBlaze5 910/916 and low-power 510/516 series NVMe SSD. They adopt the 64-layer enterprise-level 3D-NAND and support NVMe standard protocol with a user capacity up to 15.36TB.

The PBlaze5 910/916 series NVMe SSD features 6GB/s sequential read bandwidth, 1 million IOPS read performance and 89/11microsecond read/write latency. With the high performance shared by PBlaze series products, PBlaze5 910/916 series boasts advanced features like High-speed TRIM and Multiple-namespace, with higher QoS and more flexible.

PBlaze5 910/916 series sees a great improvement in performance-to-power ratio (PPR), with random read/write IOPS per watt up to 70k/18k and sequential read/write bandwidth per watt up to 388/212 MB/s. Under the typical business workload, the PPR of the PBlaze5 910/916 series is 30% to 40% higher than that of PBlaze5 700/900 series. Besides, users can set the power consumption of the PBlaze5 910/916 series at 1 watt level from 10W to 25W as needed within 1ms.

The PBlaze5 510/516 series NVMe SSD of the 2.5-inch size with a thickness of 15mm and 7mm both have the U.2 interface, and can offer 540K IOPS and 3.2GB/s bandwidth. The product has a typical load power consumption of 10W and idle power consumption of 4W, allowing watt-level power consumption control.

Memblaze Launches New PBlaze5 Series NVMe SSDs

Since PBlaze5 510/516 series is available for the dual-port function, it can support all sorts of high-availability storage systems and solutions. Furthermore, PBlaze5 510/516 series NVMe SSD owns many core technologies including LDPC error correction, full data path protection, power failure protection and hot plugging, ensuring the high reliability, high availability and data security of the device.

“NVMe SSD based AFA debuts as NVMe SSD becomes mature. The new-generation NVMe SSD pursues perfect performance and high reliability centered on the PPR and power consumption control, to fully meet demand for NVMe storage systems.” said Memblaze CEO, Tang Zhibo.

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