CDP AgilOne partners with Criteo to prevent wasting ads on an already-sold customer


Customer data platform (CDP) AgilOne announced this week a new partnership with remarketing platform Criteo.

CDP AgilOne partners with Criteo to prevent wasting ads on an already-sold customer

AgilOne said this is the first and only integration that Criteo has undertaken specifically for full-profile CDP use cases.

If you visit the website of a retailer who subscribes to Criteo’s platform, look at a page for a Roadmaster bike and leave the site without buying, Criteo will then follow you on other websites with remarketing ads for that bike.

But you may have quit the site to immediately go out to a local brick-and-mortar bike shop and buy a Roadmaster. That’s where AgilOne’s integration comes in, CEO and founder Omer Artun told me.

His company’s customer profiles integrate data from offline purchases as well as online activities, matched via a persistent identifier like an email address or street address. It associates a variety of cookies and mobile device IDs with each profile, which Criteo can use to spot a particular site visitor, under an anonymized identifier.

AgilOne’s profiles can inform the remarketing platform that User 123 just bought a Roadmaster, so stop showing her those ads.

This pullback, Artun noted, avoids aggravating the user with ads for something they’ve already purchased. And it keeps the advertiser from wasting money trying to sell an already-sold customer.

Similarly, the other main use case that AgilOne provides through Criteo is attribution, allowing an advertiser to understand that a remarketing ad shown last week might have been a driver for the purchase of a Roadmaster bike this week.

While Criteo also integrates with CDP MParticle, Artun said that company is mostly focused on online data, especially mobile, while AgilOne’s customer profiles include data from every source, such as offline purchases, online activities and contacts with call centers.

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