AZIO Adds More Exotic Material Peripherals to Their Portfolio

AZIO Corp underwent a massive makeover in their product line the last few years, focusing on their typewriter-style mechanical keyboards and then doubling down on it to give their products a different look than most others. Their Retro Classic line from last year introduced vegetable-tanned genuine leather to the keyboards, and then there was a special edition that made use of genuine wood trim as well. At Computex this year, AZIO showed more of the same being applied to other products, as well as hinting towards the use of more such unique materials in the future.

AZIO Adds More Exotic Material Peripherals to Their Portfolio

The Retro Classic full-size keyboard was shown in a new orange leather color, which went well with an entire system a wrist rest and mouse pads as well. This was next to another wood option, this time a lighter tone that went well with the white keycaps as opposed to the darker grain wood and black keycaps from the previous version. AZIO also showed off more mouse pads under the R.C. Mouse Pad name in two sizes (medium and XL) and multiple genuine leather color options to match the rest of their portfolio.

Next up was the R.C.M. where M presumably stood for mouse. AZIO showed these as prototypes at CES this year, but now they are finalized and ready for the retail market. These mice have wireless connectivity with either Bluetooth or over a dedicated 2.4 GHz network, with a genuine leather top that snaps off easily to reveal the adapter in question. This also means that if your white leather mouse gets dirty, because cleaning it can be a chore, you can easily replace it with a new one that AZIO themselves say will make things easy during RMA and other customer service tasks. The mouse has a built-in 600 mAh battery that should last for days on this non-lit device, a USB Type-C port to help charge it and sports a Pixart 3805 IR sensor for compatibility on most surfaces this may be used on.We saw one of their new keyboard wrist rests above, but AZIO confirmed that these are getting the same treatment as the others with multiple leather color options and also some wood options to match the keyboards of choice. The leather wrist rests are hand-stitched, and have rubber pads on the underside for scratch resistance and anti-friction applications. The wrist rests are sized to match their Retro series full-size, and other, keyboards perfectly. AZIO mentioned also that they are considering limited edition peripheral sets in other materials including carbon fiber and marble, so be sure to let your voice be heard in the comments section if this interests you.If a full-size keyboard was too big for your tastes, then AZIO now has a ~75% form factor version as well. Called the R.C.K. series, where K presumably stands for keyboard, the new lineup has a similar design as the full-size version and comes in the same genuine leather and wood finishes with appropriately sized wrist rests accompanying them. Oh, and these have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and RF built-in similar to that of the R.C.M. mouse. Most, if not all, of the new products are expected to hit the retail market later this year.

AZIO Adds More Exotic Material Peripherals to Their PortfolioAZIO Adds More Exotic Material Peripherals to Their Portfolio

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