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Upbit operator eyes ambitious Web 3 growth with 10,000 jobs

South Korean fintech giant Dunamu, the firm behind cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, has announced an ambitious plan that…

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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Skeptical About the Metaverse Concept

Eric Schmidt, that was CEO of Google, has actually proclaimed that there is complication concerning the idea…

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Regulations Directly Affecting Crypto Exchanges, Businesses and Individuals

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, at least 10 countries have made announcements regarding…

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South Korea Will Now Regulate Cryptocurrency

South Korea’s National Assembly finally passed a bill that provides a framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies…

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Bitcoin.com Partners With Mecon Cash, Enabling Withdrawal at ATMs Across South Korea

Bitcoin Cash has been added to Mecon Cash’s M.Pay platform which is integrated with over 13,000 ATMs…

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Bithumb Takes Korean Tax Authority to Court Over ‘Groundless’ Crypto Tax

Bithumb, a major crypto exchange in South Korea, has taken the country’s tax authority to court over…

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Regs Roundup: SEC Actions, Crypto Tax-Free in Korea, New Chinese Laws

In this roundup, we cover several crypto-related actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and…

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Crypto Exchange Coinplug Raises $6. 4 Million from Heavy Korean Firms

Coinplug stated that it do use the new equity these kinds of to develop decentralized identification techniques,…

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A lot of Korean Banks Join Government-Backed Blockchain ID Initiative

According to a report during CoinDesk Korea on Weekend, the program, which was first from July, is…

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Modern Gov’t Initiative to Put Southwest Korean Trade on Blockchain by 2021

Of the Korean government also existing a digital trade foundation, with aim to promote e-commerce export products…

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OKEx Korea Reviewing Decision into Delist Privacy Coins Zcash and Dash

OKEX first announced its intentions to delist five privacy coins – also including monero (XMR), horizen (ZEN)…

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97% of South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Danger of Shutting Lessen: Report

Around 97% of local cryptocurrency swaps are in danger of being closed, according to local reports ….