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The Controversial Programmatic Proof-of-Work Proposal

The Ethereum community has been debating a proposal called ProgPoW as many ETH proponents believe the Programmatic…

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Read.cash Blog Gathers Momentum During the Infrastructure Funding Debate

The read.cash blog has been a resource for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community for a while now…

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Youtube ‘Christmas Purge’ Has Content Creators Pointing to These Alternate Platforms

From claims of centralized, anti-crypto motivations on Youtube’s part and bot attacks, to anti-racist groups waging war…

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Speculation Abounds Regarding Youtube’s Removal of Crypto Content

Some are speculating that the censorship of prominent crypto channels, which include Chris Dunn, Chico Crypto, The…

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Bank of Thailand Is Open to Discuss Libra, Concerned Over Security

Per the report, Santiprabhob made his remarks at the Bangkok FinTech Fair on July 19, pointing out…

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Libra Can’t Be Everything for Everyone

In his tweets, Mow noted that – after watching the entirety of today’s senate banking committee hearings…

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European Central Bank Exec Calls for Fast Regulatory Action Regarding Libra

Per Bloomberg, Coeure argued on Sunday in Aix-en-Provence in southern France that allowing for the development of…

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Circle CEO Hopes Libra’s Unique Needs Trigger Positive Regulation

During the interview, Allaire pointed out that there are different stablecoin implementations distinct in their regulatory approach….

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Ethereum Co-Founder Criticizes Facebook’s Libra Token for Centralization

The social media giant released the white paper for a its cryptocurrency dubbed Libra earlier this month…

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Open Interest in Bitcoin Futures Contracts Hit All-Time High

According to CME, bitcoin (BTC) open interest spiked on June 17 with an all-time high of 5,311…

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Block.One Pays $30M for New Blockchain-Powered Social Media Platform’s Domain Name

According to the SEC filing, submitted by enterprise analytics and mobility software provider MicroStrategy, Block.one’s domain name…

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Fidelity-Backed Crypto Analytics Firm to Integrate Twitter-Based Crypto Sentiment Feed

The new partnership intends to collect and analyze data posted by crypto community on social media in…