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Bitcoin rate: Analyst says very early indications suggest ‘not a significant relief rally’

Bitcoin(BTC)price climbed as high as 8% in 24 hours to top$24,287 on crypto exchange Coinbase, its greatest…

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Mike Novogratz claims crypto is 90% with recent carnage

Mike Novogratz claims central crypto companies like Celsius as well as BlockFi have subjected the rot that…

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Bitcoin Cash Miner Revenue Chops in Half – 12.5 to 6.25 Coins per Block

So far, roughly 87.6% of all 21 million BCH that will ever be produced has been mined into existence….

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Analyst Proves Bitcoin’s Price Not Bound to 4-Year Cycles

Crypto traders and analysts have always looked to the halvings for some kind of clues in order…

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50 Days Until the Block Reward Reduction

It’s kind of hard to believe that last month BTC was trading for much higher than it…

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Bitcoin Plunges to $8300

Bitcoin really hasn’t done well over the past day. After printing a false breakout candle on Saturday…

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Ethereum Could Fall Further

Prior to today’s crash, prominent cryptocurrency trader Jacob Canfield remarked that Ethereum is “sitting on a do-or-die…

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Ripple Having a Swell Time considering that XRP Finally Pumps

October has been rievocazione month for Ripple becasue it is XRP token has climbed 20%. From an…

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Bitcoin Fractals May Indicate Afterwards Move as Consolation Goes

A brief move up to assist you to $8, 400 yesterday would not want to produce any…

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Bitcoin Price to Soon Recover Further: Bullish Fractal Regardless In Play

The actual action was so bad that most by Monday morning, BTC reached $7, 800 – a…

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JP Morgan on What Caused Bitcoin Price Crash to $8000

A bit late to the party, JP Morgan recently came out with its analysis of the recent…

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Ethereum (ETH) Price Will Get in touch with at Least $3, 300 Upcoming Bull Market

Correctly, altcoins, including Ethereum and then XRP, have suffered substantial losses this year, both in names of…