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Bill Regulating Crypto Mining Submitted to Russian Parliament

A draft regulation tailored to control cryptocurrency mining has been submitted with the reduced house of Russian…

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Roskomnadzor Restricts Access to Crypto Forum

In what seems to be another episode in a long-running campaign, the Russian telecom regulator has restricted…

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The Keepers of Your Crypto Are Financial Institutions in Germany

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, Bafin, has issued guidance to clarify the status of cryptocurrencies…

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Payment Services Bill Expands Regulatory Scope to Cover Cryptocurrencies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the commencement of the city-state’s new Payment Services Act….

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Exchanges and Banks to Collect and Keep User Data

Cryptocurrency transactions in Ukraine will be strictly monitored by the state, although the country’s finance minister admits…

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Russia’s Supreme Court Recognizes Tokens as Assets Like Money and Property

Although many of them are still wary about legalizing decentralized digital money, governments around the world are…

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COUNTRY Authorities Analyze Bitcoin Orders to Shut Down Child Adult material Ring

Per an April. 16 website, the U. Utes. Department of Justice announced the arrêt of the largest-to-date…

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Telegram Responds to Investors inside SEC Action, Hearing Group for Oct. 24

From inside the letter, Telegram stated potentially they are continuing to assess the best ways to eliminate…

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Crypto and Blockchain News From the Brazil: Oct. 6–12 doing a review

Nickle past week of crypto and blockchain news doing a review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Brasil…

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a couple of Things to Know About Grams Wallet’s Terms of Use Before GRM Launch

About Oct. 8, Telegram published terms of service the Grams Pocket, the wallet designed for the company’s…

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British isles Police Can’t Move Gripped Crypto Due to India’s Anti-Crypto Law

In an Oct. 3 summary by the Times of India, Pune cyber police explained that the value…

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SECOND Settles With Nebulous To Unregistered Offering of Sianotes in 2014

On Oct. one the SEC announced from a press release that it has settled the charges against…