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Crypto Proponents Discuss Honeywell’s 6 Qubit Quantum Computer

In January 2019, bitcoiners started talking about theoretical attacks against the Bitcoin network, after IBM unveiled its…

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Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Visitor Effort to Baby Get

Specifically, the GUIGOZ Bio 2 and 3 newborn girls milk range will be followed on the blockchain…

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Roshan chauhan Unveils Platform for Minting Enterprise-Ready Crypto Tokens

So tells me Marley‌ ‌Gray, principal is required to be at ‌Microsoft, following the headline Monday of…

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IBM and SoftBank Launch Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform for Mobile Payments

In an October 22 release, SoftBank’s management stated that it could work with IBM and blockchain firm…

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Currency exchange Giant CLS Admits: Neo, We Don’t Need a Blockchain for That

So says Alan Marquard, chief strategy and evolution officer at CLS Neighborhood, the global utility for talking…

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IBM, Tata Become First Big Techs to Back Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain

Now, eight of the 39 available spots for governing council members are filled, the network announced Monday….

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Tech Firm Seagate Pilots Anti-Fraud Blockchain Tracking With IBM

According to a piece from Forbes, following on from a proof-of-concept that kicked off in 2018 in…

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Patents on Network Security and Database Management

Some of the patents filed by IBM in 2019 include one that focuses on network security and…

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Middle East Blockchain Development Primed to Lead the Global Industry

For example, a recent report by Asia Times has revealed that the UAE is one of the…

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Blockchain for the Food, How Industry Makes Use of the Technology

Indeed, in 2019, blockchain has been piercing the food industry at an accelerated pace. According to recent…

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IBM-Maersk Shipping Blockchain Gains Steam With 15 Carriers Now on Board

Announced Tuesday, Hapag-Lloyd and Singapore-based Ocean Network Express (ONE) – the world’s fifth and sixth largest carriers…

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A Blockchain System for Azerbaijan’s Digital Economy

Repeated statements by government representatives suggested that at least part of the program relied on blockchain infrastructure….