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Facebook will add NFT storage capability to its Novi cryptocurrency wallet

Social network Facebook is considering storing non-fungible tokens (NFT) in Novi’s own cryptocurrency wallet. The  head of…

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Facebook Drops Libra and Will Integrate USDC or PAX Stablecoins

According to The Block, Facebook is discussing options for cooperation with the issuers of popular stablecoins Circle…

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Facebook plans to launch testing of Diem digital currency by the end of 2021

Social network Facebook may start testing its own digital currency pegged to the US dollar. The Swiss…

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Libra Project Redesigned, New Whitepaper

The Libra Association has published an updated whitepaper for the Libra project, originally announced by social media…

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Coronavirus Provides the Latest Pretext to Steal Civil Liberties

Governments around the world have been trying for some time to bypass encryption and backdoor messaging apps….

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Vodafone Posts Facebook Ad With Bitcoin in Germany

Facebook’s coin project, Libra, continues to draw attention despite setbacks, including a shrinking pool of backers and…

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Failure to Enforce Data Protection Rules Enables Google’s Monopoly, Brave Warns

The company behind the privacy-oriented browser Brave has set out to convince regulators in the U.K. to…

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Twitter CEO Prise Dorsey Confirms He’ll Certainly Join Facebook’s Libra Program

On October all day and, a Twitter is extremely by Hollywood Reporter editor Alex Weprin, who was…

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Facebook Would Quit Libra if the Association Launched Precipitately

In a ear canal of the House Financial Services Committee Friday, Zuckerberg fielded pointed difficulties on a…

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US Treasury to Monitor Libra Close to Possible Financial Risks

The news was announced by Emanuel Cleaver, II, congressman for  Missouri’s fifth district, on Tuesday. Cleaver said…

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How you might Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Barbecuing in Congress Today

In his testimony before the House of Specialists Financial Services Committee,   Zuckerberg has before hand revealed…

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Libra Could Drop ‘Basket’ as Issue Individual Fiat Stablecoins

Speaking at a banking seminar, principles a Reuters report of Sunday, co-creator of Libra David Marcus said…